Okay, it's official. There's a new foodie trend in town and it goes by the name of 'galaxy doughnuts' (or sometimes 'nebula doughnuts', too). This colourful treat comes blanketed in a swirl of blue, purple, black and white and is often topped with edible sparkles (or stars), which has us drooling for more reasons than one. 

Word on the street is that an Iranian confectioner started the trend when she posted a home recipe on Instagram in June, which has since gone viral and inspired star-crossed bakers across the globe. Now, countless home cooks are trying to replicate the nebula doughnut in hopes of perfecting the starry swirl. 

However, it should be noted that the art of the dip is all in the wrist. Creating the heavenly hues of our very own galaxy involves the patience and skillset of a watercolor painter. If cooking isn't your thing, the doughnuts can be customized at Sinseh: The Grocer, a popular bakery in Singapore. If that’s not around the corner from you (more than likely), Coco Mama’s in Melbourne, Australia, offers the gorgeous galaxy treats in a vegan variation.

The most noteworthy part of this trend is that it is not exclusive to doughnuts! You can expect more nebula-strewn treats in the form of bagels, cupcakes, lollipops, and macaroons. The more we look at these nebulous treats, the more we wonder just how many galaxies we can fit in our stomach…


Featured Image Credit: Hedi Gh