If you really love a restaurant, sometimes it's worth lining up outside for 45 minutes to secure yourself a table. Of course, reservations help avoid this inevitability — but what happens when a popular dining spot stops accepting them?

The Lost Kitchen, a 40-seat restaurant located in Freedom, Maine, was so popular that when it started accepting reservations, received over 10,000 in one single day. 

Not realizing just how popular it would be, the restaurant decided to take a different approach to avoid another influx of calls, announcing it would take reservations going forward via a postcard in the mail. Yep, sometimes the old-fashioned approach is the best one.

If you want to make a reservation, you will have to do so between April 1 and April 10. On April 11, postcards will be selected at random until reservations are filled. Find out more on the website.

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