Sushi Donuts

This past year was one of many unnecessary things — Kimoji's, Pokémon Go, Trump... you get the point. The one exception that we're really, truly hoping will take off in 2017, though, is the sushi doughnut.

A project by Instagram celebrity chef, Sam (@sobeautifullyreal) the dish isn't a doughnut with sushi in it, but rather sushi constructed in the shape of a doughnut. A doughnut disguise, if you will. She's also into the galaxy doughnuts we loved, and made these by greasing a mould with coconut grease, filling it with cooled sushi rice, and topping it with black sesame, ginger, wasabi, cashew mayo, and avocado. It's simple enough to make at home, and you can choose to go the vegan route like Sam did or do something entirely your own. Just make sure to share them with your followers (and us) when you're done.

This isn’t the first time the world has experimented with sushi. Toronto’s Rolltation recently unveiled their sushi cone (raw salmon amongst other sushi fixings stuffed into an actual ice cream cone) and earlier this year the sushi burger (raw fish, avocado, etc. between two rice buns) took social media by storm. Come on 2017 — let's keep the good stuff coming.