You might have tried an ostrich burger, or maybe even a zebra burger — but we bet you've never tried anything as exotic as a tarantula burger.

If you haven't (and you're brave enough to try) now you can at Bull City Burger and Brewery, which is serving this, along with a ton of other dishes loaded with exotic insects, as part of 'Exotic Meats Month'. 

I know what you're thinking — gross, right? But the unusual dish is actually quite the hit, with around two hundred people currently on the waiting list for a taste. Those in eager anticipation will need to go to the restaurant and sign up where they will then be added to a lottery. To enter, it costs absolutely nothing, but if your name is drawn you will have just 48-hours to come and collect your tarantula. 

According to the restaurant's owner, Seth Gross, the tarantula are fed an organic diet of crickets, and are completely safe to eat. To find out more, check out the Bull City Burger and Brewery website

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