If you're still waiting for your Hogwarts acceptance letter, maybe it's time to give up and start the search for that 9-5 career job? Just kidding. Instead, why don't you grab your broomstick and head to The Cauldron.

A magical place in the tiny little village of Stoke Newington (in the London borough of Hackney) there's no better place to get practicing your potion making skills. Guests are supplied with robes and wands, which conveniently make beer appear in your pint glass with one swift tap. Spellbinding stuff, I'm telling you. 

Guests can also try their hand at mixing potions in an actual cauldron. Yep. And you can refer to your textbooks for all the essential ingredients for your cocktails. Watch as your concoctions begin to bubble, change colour and create clouds of smoke.

Tickets are £28 (just under $40 USD) and include a pint of beer and two cocktails. For more information, or to book your ticket, head to The Cauldron website.

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