friends eating and drinking

We use Airbnb so we can experience the lesser-known side of a city; the side that usually only locals get to see. Such has since inspired a new mobile app, one which you can consider the Airbnb of dining. 

VizEat is a start-up connecting travelers with 22,000 hosts in 110 countries around the world. The concept is similar to Airbnb, except instead of booking a stay at their home, you book a meal with them, and get to know the local people, culture, foods, and stories. Whether you stop by for dinner, a cooking class, or even just a night of wine and cheese, it's an incredible way to get a taste of local flavor — pun intended. Also, Apple's very own CEO Tim Cook has tried it out, so you know it's got to be pretty damn good.

To experience it for yourself, simply download the VizEat app from the Apple app store. Then, indicate which city you're going to and you can browse through different events from a variety of hosts that live in that city. Once you've picked one, simply make a request to book and you'll have full access to chatting with your host directly. While yes, you will have to pay for the experience, you won't be charged until your host has actually accepted your request.

In case you're concerned with entering a total strangers home, you shouldn't be. VizEat has a detailed trust policy, outlining detailed profiles of hosts and guests so you can get to know them beforehand, plus 300,000€ in insurance, just in case. That said, you can wine and dine with a peaceful state of mind.