hangover cure

Picture this: it's New Year's day, you wake up in your dress from last night, eyelashes halfway glued to your lids, and mouth hella parched. Your head? Probably pounding. Skin? While most of your makeup has been absorbed by your pillow, you know you're on thin ice with a breakout. That's why we've created this list for you — so you can party hard, minus the consequences. 

Skyn Iceland Relief Kit

Give your face an entire do-over from the night before with this relief kit by Skyn Iceland. The package includes a cooling lotion, a re-texturizing facial mask, an eye pen, and more. It's 100 percent vegan made and dermatologist tested for sensitive skin.
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TheraPearl Eye-ssential Mask

Treat tired, puffy eyes with a reusable mask that you can heat up or cool down. It conforms to your body and stays at the desired temperature for a solid 20 minutes, and that's really all it takes.
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Toniq Hangover Prevention Kit

This hangover magic treats the problem before it hits you. Take the black pill before you pass out and the white in the morning, and voila, it's like last night never even happened. Brunch mimosas, anyone?
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21 Drops Essential Oils

A therapeutic blend of cardamom seed, geranium leaf, juniper fruit, lavender, and jojoba promise to flush toxins from your body, dispel nausea, and ease water retention. Bonus: it beats the smell of warm alcohol that's inevitably seeping out of your pores. 
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Sprayology Party Relief

Your best friend in a can. While we're not entirely sure we'd remember to use it every hour while we're drinking, it works just as well after the fact as it does to prevent it. Combats everything from liver toxicity to that awful, sluggish feeling.
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Too Faced Hangover Face Primer

This makeup primer is actually infused with coconut water, a probiotic-based ingredient, and skin revivers so you can give your face the hydration it lost from the night before. It's like an energy drink specifically for your skin.
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Coconut Water

Yaaass. One can simply not forget the most foolproof hangover cure — coconut water. Pick up a pack of 12 and drink up.
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