biker boy

There's a lot of ways that one could rank the various cities of the world. There's the best city for Millennials, the world's most livable cities, and even the city that sees the most sex from visiting couples. Now the results are in on another active and healthy ranking — the world's best cities for cycling.

According to an article by Lonely Planet, "A new index for 2017 has revealed the most bicycle-friendly cities around the world, with the results being correlated from 14 different factors such as biking facilities in each location, the culture surrounding cycling, urban planning, the perception of safety in each city and the availability of bike-share programmes."  

The results then show Copenhagen, Denmark at the top of the list, followed by Utrecht in the Netherlands, and (of course) Amsterdam in third place. Find the rest of the top 20 below:

1. Copenhagen, Denmark
2. Utrecht, Netherlands
3. Amsterdam, Netherlands
4. Strasbourg, France
5. Malmö, Sweden
6. Bordeaux, France
7. Antwerp, Belgium
8. Ljubljana, Slovenia
9. Tokyo, Japan
10. Berlin, Germany
11. Barcelona, Spain
12. Vienna, Austria
13. Paris, France
14. Seville, Spain
15. Munich, Germany
16. Nantes, France
17. Hamburg, Germany
18. Helsinki, Finland
19. Oslo, Norway
20. Montreal, Quebec

Or just take your bike and explore the whole world.