When it comes to picking the perfect powder, things can get a little bit tricky. Winter, it seems, shows its best on multiple mountains all over the world, and deciding which resort offers the best ski experience can be more challenging than you initially expected.

Luckily, Crystal Ski Holidays has done the math to save us the headache. They're developed a really awesome interactive tool that compares resorts on things like the percentage of difficult runs, price of a beer, number of spas, or even how Instagram-worthy the slopes are. Those are only four of 18 filters that can be applied, allowing you to perfectly compare your priorities to the peaks. 

Using the tool is as easy as selecting which qualities are most important to you or your group, and then (as the website states) pre-setting the categories "to find the best spots for students, couples, families, thrill seekers, budget skiers or après lovers." Chances are this little gem will find something everyone can agree on. If not? Just base it off the price of a bottle of wine and the rest will easily be forgotten. 

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