Two travelers on vacation walking around city with luggage

If, like the majority of millennials these days, you have trouble budgeting, this airline has come up with the perfect solution: a 'fly now pay later' plan.

United Arab Emirates-based airline, Etihad is launching a new program for customers to budget their air travel. So if you have your eye on some business class flights but you're not quite ready to splurge, you can choose a payment plan of between three months to 60 months.

Etihad says their new payment plan will give regular flyers the opportunity to try out more expensive classes above standard economy and is a great way for people to book and enjoy their vacation without having to worry about paying out a huge chunk of money in one go.

Sadly, it's only currently available to customers who are residents of UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. But the likelihood of other airlines jumping on this travel trend is pretty high, so stay tuned.