There's something about staying in hotels that turns us all into kleptomaniacs. Whether a desperate attempt to reimburse ourselves for the money splurged on a luxury suite, or simply an excuse to stock up on toiletries, in the words of Ross Geller, "you have to find the line between stealing and taking what the hotel owes you."

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From cozy white robes and slippers — to enticingly fragrant soaps and gels — most hotels are full to the brim with goodies, just waiting to be taken. But according to insiders, hotels are counting on you taking things like toiletries, since they're likely to remind you of your stay when you come to using them.

What they're not counting on is you stealing everything that isn't tied down. According to the American Hotel & Lodging Association, items guests take from hotels cost the industry an estimated $100 million a year — that's a hell of a lot of apples. 

To help you avoid a jail sentence (yep, a woman served time for stealing two towels from her hotel) we've compiled a short list of items up for grabs, and those likely to get you in trouble.

Yes, yes, yes
- Shampoos and Conditioners
- Soap
- Coffee Pods, tea, sugar etc.
- Small items with the hotel's logo, e.g. pens, notepads, mugs (maybe)
- Toilet Paper (if you insist)
- Hotel Slippers (you've worn them so you can probably get away with taking them)

No, no, no
- Sheets and pillows
- Artwork
- Electronics, e.g. TVs, clock radios, iPod dock stations etc.
- Towels
- Robes (you'll probably be charged if they find them missing)