If you've never heard of Secret Cinema, let me fill you in. The put on incredible immersive events where audience members are given their own unique identity and invited to be part of the live show.

Last year it was Moulin Rouge — and this year, to celebrate 10 amazing years, it's Blade Runner. Mhmm. Prepare to be transported into future Los Angeles — or 2019 Los Angeles to be precise. 

Anyone who's seen the movie will be somewhat familiar with this dystopian world, and those in attendance to Secret Cinema's event can expect incredible visuals, music sets, and even special guest DJs. 

Sounds like fun, hey? Tickets start at £45, and go up to £115 (that's if you want VIP treatment, dinner and drinks). Things will kick off on March 21, with over sixty performances between then and June. For more information, check out the Secret Cinema website.

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