If your love life is looking a little bleak, it's easy to blame yourself. Perhaps you've been told you're too 'high maintenance', or perhaps your partner struggles to handle your independence. Or maybe you're in the wrong city.

According to the results from Time Out's City Life Index Survey , the city you live in could mean the difference between finding love and not. Over 15,000 people from 32 cities were asked questions about dating and the results are pretty unanimous. 

New Yorkers topped the polls for cheating — a whopping 32 percent admit to being unfaithful. And, of course, there will be plenty more who don't admit to it. Around 46 percent of New Yorkers also admitted to 'ghosting' someone — making the Big Apple only second only to D.C. when it comes to this frustrating practice. 

And with all the dishonest faces floating around its streets, it's no wonder less than one in five New Yorkers have high hopes for finding love here. Compare that to the forty-five percent of Chicagoans that think it’s fairly easy to find love, and it makes for a pretty depressing statistic.

After hearing all that, we wouldn't blame you if you don't want to live in NYC. But here's a stat that might just change your mind. Around a third of New Yorkers are single — and 43 percent say it's easy to have sex in NYC. So if you're partial to a one night stand, you're not going to have any problems here...

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