Picture this — you're in the lineup for check-in before your flight only to discover your checked bag is overweight. The next obvious move is to open your carry-on bag to make some space for a few of your heavier items — but no amount of sitting on top of the lid and praying the zipper won't break will solve the issue. The solution? An expandable carry-on.

The number one thing I look for in a carry-on bag is that it has large enough packing capacity for all my valuables without being too bulky — and the Briggs and Riley Baseline International Carry-On is perfect for that. Expanding while you pack and then compressing back down to carry-on size once zipped, it will satisfy every last one of your packing needs. Pair that with its double swivel wheels for effortless 360° navigation and you've got the best travel accessory you could ever wish for.

If you're based in Canada and you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift to get your travel-loving partner, friend or relative, you're in luck. From now until December 31, Wanderlust Traveler Store (Canada's largest travel store based in Kitsilano, Vancouver) is giving you $50 on every $350 spent in-store — reducing this model from $619 to just $569.

And you can be safe in the knowledge that Briggs and Riley offer a lifetime warranty to cover all functional aspects of their cases — including airline damage. To find out more, or to browse the selection of products eligible for this offer, go to the Wanderlust Traveler Store website. Happy shopping!