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The world is full of creators, explorers, and foodies of all kinds — if you know where to look. Whether you find yourself skiing in the Swiss Alps or marveling at the magnificent moors of Scotland, there’s a whole new world of cuisines, characters, and customs to take in at every turn. If you’re the type of person who never says no to a road trip and is always down to try something new, then why not take a walk on the culinary wild side and follow your taste buds and curiosity wherever they make take you? For the wanderlusters and food pioneers of the world looking for a far out culture trip that will satisfy your soul and your taste buds, here are 10 totally delicious food and drink trails just waiting for you to discover. 

Beer Cheese Trail - Kentucky

Located in Clark County, Kentucky, the Beer Cheese Trail is a salty, fizzy food and drink tour centered right in the birthplace of beer cheese. Winding along the Kentucky River and in and out of neighborhoods, this tasting trail is comprised of 8 restaurants and cafes that offer a lip-smacking smattering of beer cheeses. Along the trail, you’ll find fantastic gluten-free cheddar based beer cheese at Full Circle Market, a sweet/salty homemade beer cheese from Cairn Coffee House and two-time award-winning beer cheese from Woody’s Sports Bar & Grill. But be sure to save room, because there’s plenty more cheesy goodness where that came from along this dairy trail!

Malt Whiskey Trail - Scotland

Set in the gorgeous Moray Speyside, the Malt Whiskey Tour is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to taste Scotland’s national drink at its finest. Here, you can take in the natural beauty of the Scotland while you sip your way through the largest concentration of whiskey distilleries in the world! The reigning kings of scotch love to share their passion and knowledge of drink with visitors and their expertise and fierce dedication to tradition can be tasted in every last drop! Recognized as the only malt whiskey trail in the world, this distillery tour includes nine eminent locations that can be found in the Speyside whiskey region. From renowned global brands such as Glenfiddich and GlenGrant to awesome local boutique producers like Speyside Cooperage and Strathisla, you’ll experience and learn more about the wonderful world of whiskey in one day than you could have ever imagined.

Apple Pie Trail - Ontario

Settled right in the lush apple country of Canada, The mouthwatering Apple Pie Trail is for all the wandering sweet tooths of the world in search of the sugariest sensations. At this seasonal orchard tour, visitors are encouraged to peddle, paddle and promenade their way through the sprawling valleys and green meadows of Ontario. Stops along the trail include Beaver Valley, town of the blue mountains with T&K Ferri Orchards and Georgian Hills Vineyards, Collingwood, a harbor town filled with artisanal shops and quaint eateries, and the historic town of Meaford, which is lined with farmer’s markets, cultural attractions, and adorably old-fashioned diners. And, it goes without saying, you’ll try some of the best down-home, good old fresh Apple Pie that Canada has to offer.

Mississippi Delta Hot Tamale Trail

Oddly enough, the fertile Mississippi Delta is known for not only their southern comfort foods and crawfish but for their superb tamales. How this traditional Mexican treat first came to the deep Yazoo-Mississippi Delta is still somewhat of a mystery, with some hypothesizing that they were brought over by turn of the century migrant laborers from Mexico. Whatever the case, Mississippians just can’t enough of these spicy corn husk-wrapped goodies, which can be found all around the Delta from street corners to restaurants. Hosted by the Southern Foodways Alliance, the Mississippi Delta Hot Tamale Trail sets out to document and follow the journey of the Tamale all the way to Mississippi - while chowing down on as many assorted tamales as you can handle. With countless participating vendors sprinkled along the Yazoo River, you’ll run out of room in your stomach before you run out of tamales! 

Fondue Trail Schonried - Switzerland

Famous for their snowy mountains, rich chocolate, and perforated cheese, Switzerland is the perfect getaway for outdoor enthusiasts and food lovers alike. And in the idyllic resort town of Gstaad, they take indulgence to a whole new level! This small ski town is filled with fine foods, fun entertainment, and panoramic views to die for! since cheese is basically the national food of Switzerland, they created an entire culinary excursion around it. The fabulous Fondue Trail runs right through Switzerland’s Fondue Land, where you can take your cheese and enjoy it al fresco among the natural beauty of the air alps. You may not think of fondue as the ideal traveling food, but this portable fondue party is truly one of the best ways to partake in melted cheese. The adventure begins in Schonried, where you pack a rucksack full of all the fondue essentials including pots, burners, fondue bread from Webern Bakery, plates and forks. Then it’s time to pick between a creamy classic cheese blend or aromatic truffle fondue mix from the local dairy, Molkerei Schonried. Once you have your fondue kit all packed, you can head out to Rellerli, Schlittmoos or Wispile where you’ll find two huge “fondue huts” with oversized fondue pots for hours of nature watching and cheese melting. 

Donut Trail - Ohio

What could be more wonderful than a donut trail? The great lakes state of Ohio is known for many things including college football, hearty foods and the iconic Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. But unbeknownst to most, this Midwestern town is also a hidden trove of donuts that can be found in all flavors and forms. And to unite families from all around with a shared love of these sweet morsels, Butler County “glazed a trail” to sugary glory by creating the epic Donut Trail. On this sublimely saccharine excursion, you’ll have the chance to visit 10 decadent donut shops that dish out some sinfully good pastries! Along the way, you’ll find inventive flavors and heavenly creations like the savory Maple Bacon donut, the chocolatey Reese’s donut, the campfire favorite Smore’s donut, the breakfast-inspired Fruity Pebbles donut and the Cheesecake donut. You might even be sick of donuts by the end of this trail. But then again, you can never have too much of a good thing. 

German Wine Route - Germany

Established in 1935, the German Wine Route is a wonderful 85km leisurely trail that runs through the fecund Riesling producing region of Palatine. Here, in the county’s largest wine-growing area, you can find an exceptional range of rieslings and wines that reflect the multifaceted culture and beauty of Germany. The wine trail begins at the German Wine Gate in the district of Schweigen-Rechtenbach and ends all the way north in Bockenheim. On the route, you’ll have the chance to stop and taste some of the finest wines from the many renowned winemakers of western Europe in several tasting rooms, countless wine bars and even on the side of the road! But this trail isn’t just about the booze. The wine is meant to be savored and enjoyed along with the unmatched beauty of Germany’s natural springs, majestic castles, ancient architecture and fascinating history. On the trail be sure to stop by the Durkheim Weinfass in Bad Durkheim and have a glass of wine inside the largest barrel in the world, with a volume of 1.7 million liters! 

Neck of the Woods Trail - North Carolina

Located deep in the Appalachian, the Neck of the Woods Trail is a wholesome and healthy culinary and cultural tour of North Carolina. This massive organic food and drink trail covers several counties within North Carolina including Allegheny, Ashe, Avery, Watauga Wilkes and Yancey, and boasts some of the freshest and best farm-to-table cuisine in the south. The Neck of the Woods Trail is a great way to experience the best of North Carolina like a local. Whether you’re in the mood for cold craft beer or free-range fried chicken, you can find a toothsome bevy of southern food and drink in the North Carolina’s Neck of the Woods. Pick your own produce and mingle with the locals at the various farms along the trail like Harty Farm, Saylor Orchard, and Brushy Mountain Berry Farm. Or have your Farm-to-table meal brought to you at Reid’s Cafe, the Gamekeeper, and Kindly Kitchen. Once you’ve had your fill of stick-to-your-ribs comfort foods, take a tour of North Carolina’s huge distilleries and breweries and stop for a breath of fresh air at the lovely wineries sprinkled on the map. No matter what route you pick, you’ll be eating and living like a local in no time!

Sligo Food Trail - Ireland

Set up along the scenic Wild Atlantic Way, the Sligo Food Trail is an all-encompassing exploration of Ireland’s diverse culture, deep history, and delectable food. This multi-terrain trail includes rivers, seashores, mountains, and farms and can be customized to create your ideal food adventure. Taste your way through the countless farmer’s markets of the Irish countryside and fresh seafood restaurants scattered along the Atlantic coast. Or explore the “shelly” side of Sligo and take a guided shore walk where you can learn about the various health benefits of seaweed, catch a cookery demonstration and nosh on an organic seaweed dish straight from the sea. Various food experiences in Sligo include the Craft Beer, Whiskey Tasting and Farm Tour, the Pizza Bread and Jam Making Tour, the Take to the Water Tour and the Foraging Fermenting and Seaweed Experience. The beauty of this food trail is you can eat exactly what you want, where you want, whenever you want. Whatever your food preferences may be, from sushi and seafood to artisanal cheese, Irish potatoes and chutney, the Sligo Food Trail will deliver more than just fantastic food!

Richmond Dumpling Trail - Canada

Located near the rolling Fraser river, the Richmond Dumpling Trail is a delightfully doughy self-guided Tour through Canada’s west coast. Though these scrumptious stuffed pot stickers were originally created and consumed by the Chinese, Canada has adopted this tasty Asian custom and made it their own. Today, Richmond contains a sizable selection of crispy, chewy dumplings that can be found in all fashions including water-boiled Shui Jiao, pan-fried Guo Tie, Chinese wontons, stuffed Japanese Gyoza and Korean Mandu dumplings. The Richmond Dumpling Trail contains 20 restaurants, each with a different ambiance and a healthy serving of dumplings. Some of the tempting restaurants you’ll find on the trail are the Shiang Garden, the Jade Seafood House, the Szechuan House, Shibuyatei Sushi and Silkway Halal. So if you thought you knew everything there was to know about dumplings then taste this trail and think again!

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