Young woman using laptop on a beach

Having the freedom (and the money) to travel is for many of us more of a dream than a reality. Traveling with a full-time or even part-time job can be challenging, especially since no matter how much time you get off you’ll always have to return to your office space, coffee shop, or other place of work.

Thankfully, we live in an age of the internet, and there are job opportunities available right now where all you need is a somewhat stable WiFi connection and a solid laptop to give you the kind of digital nomad lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. With the help of our friends at FlexJobs we have compiled a list of roles that are 100% remote 100% of the time — so you never have to be tied down to any one place again.

Digital Strategist

First on the list is a digital strategist. If you manage to snag this role you’ll be responsible for helping your clients achieve brand objectives based on consumer insight and collected data. You will also follow trends that play role in the lives of consumers, and help market said brand to consumers. While the job usually requires a full-time 40 hours a week, it doesn’t require a college degree. What’s even better is that the job usually pays quite a hefty salary — giving you the financial backing to explore the world as you please.

Front End Developer

If you have the skills, you could join a technology company as a remote developer and help them build responsive websites, transform complex Photoshop files, and build websites using WordPress. While this role requires a little more prior expertise in the subject of web development, it's fair to say that these skills are in demand across the world. Like the last job, this one offers a decent monthly salary which can help you pay for the variety of Airbnb’s you’ll be hopping to every other night.

Business Development Wrangler

As a Business Development Wrangler you could work from anywhere helping a remote team develop their business. The team of remote workers is looking for a candidate with a technical background to help them develop, research, assess, and close new sales and partnership opportunities. But don’t worry — while the position sounds daunting at first, there is no requirement for you to have to work from an office.

Freelance Powerpoint Designer

This position is exactly what it sounds like it is. Yep, all you have to do is design Powerpoint Presentations all day. As a Freelance Powerpoint Designer, you will work with clients and help them create stunning presentations by reformatting, developing templates, and assisting with illustrations. What’s even better is that you don’t even need a college degree, and as a freelance contractor you get to pick your own schedule and work whenever you want, giving you all the time in the world to travel.

Math Tutor

Great at math? Love numbers? This may just be the perfect role for you. As a remote Math Tutor, you will help middle and high school students with homework, quizzes, and exams. What makes this position extra special is that you only have to work a minimum of 10 hours a week — which means an empty schedule to travel. While the job requires a Bachelor’s Degree, the position pays a solid $15 an hour, so you have the cash you need to satisfy your wanderlust addiction.

Corporate Recruiter

As a Corporate Recruiter, you will be responsible for hiring the next best talent for corporations across the world. While this position requires that you have five years of prior experience in a similar field, you can choose to work from anywhere in the world — and since you’ll be working for a corporation, there's a high chance that you’ll get a hefty check every pay period to afford your lavish travel tastes.

Growth and Demand Generation Specialist

As a full-time Growth and Demand Generation Specialist you will have the responsibility of remotely tracking, reporting and executing desktop and mobile analytics to help improve user conversions. The hard part — you’ll also need between one and three years of experience in a web optimization role, as well as extensive knowledge of SEO trends and ranking factors and a Bachelors Degree as well. However, if you have a knack for figuring out SEO trends, and have the experience to back your resume up, this could be the perfect job for you.

Software Engineer

Are you a programmer that has an addiction to traveling and hates the classic office environment? This position might be exactly what you’re looking for. As a remote Software Engineer, you can program from anywhere in the world, working with languages like Java and Python. You can bet the position pays pretty well too.

Customer Experience Manager

As a full-time Customer Experience Manager, you will get to remotely work on your own schedule to help with customer support. If you land this type of role, you’ll be responsible for generating designs, monitoring tracking trends and documenting customer data. While the position requires that you have a Bachelors degree and two years of customer-based experience, the job allows you to work from anywhere in the world. It's fair to say this is far and away from the average customer service job.

Copy Editor

As a Copy Editor, you get to enjoy working from anywhere in the world, editing blog posts, sales copy, and guides for clients. What makes it even better is that it's a freelance position, giving you the ability to work on your own schedule as long as you get in 40 hours a week. If you love writing, and have experience in using AP style guidelines, this may be exactly what you’re looking for.