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Instead of spending hundreds of dollars and hours of your precious time in a dark sweaty room full of people with loud music, imagine spending your birthday seeing new sights, meeting new people, and entrenched in new culture. Why should you have a predictable birthday, when you can have an epic birthday blowout instead? While throwing a party in your home city can be fun, we recommend going the extra mile and traveling to a new destination for a birthday bash you will never forget. Whether you alone or with your BFFs, we guarantee traveling on your birthday will be more memorable than partying in your hometown. Here are just 7 reasons why.

Birthdays Abroad Last Longer

A birthday week or even a birthday month is far better than just a few hours of partying in a crowded room. Traveling on your birthday allows you to extend your shindig for however long you want it to be. It’s your vacation, your birthday and your rules, so put your routine activities on hold and try something new for your big day by planning an adventure.

You’ll Meet New People

Since you’ll have multiple days celebrating, you’re likely to encounter other people wherever you go, especially if you’re filling up your days with activities and sightseeing. If you’re going with a close group of friends, try tagging along with a group of strangers when you arrive as they can potentially make your birthday trip even more memorable and fun. Making new friends in a new country is incredibly easy; especially if you tell everyone it’s your birthday (no one can ignore that fact).

You’ll Have Amazing Adventures

An evening partying can be an exciting experience but you’re bound to have more adventures when traveling abroad. When visiting a new destination, you’re likely to explore new sights and be part of new activities. Why not ring in your birthday year with a bucket list activity? If you’ve always wanted to try parasailing, zip lining or skydiving, a trip abroad on your birthday serves as the perfect time to finally enjoy these activities.

Birthday Discounts are Plenty

While you can get birthday discounts in your home city, you can get additional discounts when traveling. Most of the time, the same shops and restaurants in your home city will also give you a discount abroad, especially if you are going to a major city. There are also various hotels and airlines that will provide you with a birthday treat. The Kimpton Hotel gives birthday boys and girls a 20% discount, and China Airlines has known to give 5% off an airline ticket if you purchase within your birthday month.


It’s the Ultimate Birthday Gift

Treat yourself with the greatest gift, an unforgettable birthday vacation. While material things make nice birthday gifts, the best gift of all is a vacation to a new destination, especially when the vacation’s purpose is meant for celebrating one thing: you. Whether you share the cost with a group of friends or splurge just for yourself, a birthday trip will be the most precious immaterial gift you’ll ever receive.

It Will Release Birthday Expectations

Birthdays can be a stressful time of year, especially when planning a party with a number of guests. Everyone on their birthday wants to have a good time and you could do without the stress of it all. Instead of worrying about party logistics, leave those expectations behind by leaving the country. When you travel on your birthday, you won’t have to worry about having a good time for just one night. Instead, you’ll end up having many wonderful nights filled with adventure.

You’ll Have Memories To Cherish Forever

Let’s be honest, when you’re partying, booze is flowing and the hangover is imminent. You’ll likely forget how you spent your birthday the very next day if you spend it partying. But if you travel on your birthday, you’ll make awesome new memories you won’t soon forget. You’ll discover new sights, eat new food, meet new people and remember those adventures for the rest of your life.