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Having a planner is a great way to keep your appointments scheduled and allows you to organize practically any aspect of your life. And if you're striving for perfection when it comes to meeting all of your resolutions for the new year, why not treat yourself to an early Christmas treat. Read on for our pick of chic planners to get you organized for 2018.

Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Dotted Journal

Leuchtturm1917’s Hardcover Dotted Journal allows you to customize pages in any way you want. Printed with dots to help guide easy line drawing, table drawing, or even writing, there is no reason to go without a planner this year. The perforated pages are also great for keeping pages as notes in the back pocket of the book or to pass along to a colleague, for example.

Kate Spade 2018 Academic Calendar

Students rejoice — you can now plan your academic year in advance using the Kate Spade 2018 Academic Calendar. Printed with gold foil accents, there is no way that the boy in the seat across the aisle didn’t catch your studiousness and request to put his number in your Calendar. This handy calendar also comes with a plastic zipper pouch, interior pocket, card slot, and pen loop, so you'll be feeling like a boss lady in no time.

Deluxe Law of Attraction Life Planner

If you are looking for the ultimate planner to get everything in your life organized and ready to go for the 2018 year, we've got it. The Deluxe Law of Attraction Life Planner has full pages of columns and rows of categories that'll get you back on track in no time. 

The Path Planner: New Year’s Resolutions Planner

The Path Planner: New Year’s Resolutions Planner keeps your life organized to a tee. As well as providing an overview of the month within its covers, it also has weekly planning pages so you can see the forecasted month as a whole, or zoom in specifically on a day of the week. And if the month view is not enough, it also comes with a printable annual calendar planner.

Panda Planner

This cute planner is will tame the schedule of those who are wild at heart. The Panda Planner gives you an overview of the month, a zoomed in view of the week, and a detailed view of each day of the year. Each daily page also allows for you to reflect on yourself as well as your day to increase the likely chances of you reaching your goals.

12-Month Planner

If your planners are more visual than written, then’s 12-Month Planner is probably perfect for you. Equipped with perforated pages of stickers, it is easy to make your planner super colorful and eye-catching. In addition to the year overview and monthly planning pages, there are also several blank pages for you to graphically organize your goals.

17-Month Agenda 2018

The 17-Month Agenda 2018 is perfect for both students and teachers since it starts in August (to give you a head start before the school year). It also goes all the way to the end of the next year so that you can have more than a year’s planning in one little book. You will be able to plan what your next school year will look like, paving your way to success 17 months at a time.

2018 Ultimate Weekly Planner

The guide to being your most organized self could be in the palm of your hands thanks to the 2018 Ultimately Weekly Planner. Printed on premium paper, you don't have to worry about bleeding ink when filling in your daily schedule, weekly menu planner, notes, or to do lists.  

18-Month Happy Planner Kit

Planning may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the 18-Month Happy Planner Kit makes it easy to organize for tomorrow, next week, next month, or even next year. This planner comes with super cute tabs divided by section, but you can always add your own tabs or pages if you feel like being even more organized. 

Undated Coloring Planner

The perfect gift for those who have to attend meetings on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis, the Undated Coloring Planner ensures that you are preoccupied during those mundane meetings by providing you with pages to color through to your liking discretely. And thanks to thick card stock pages, you don’t have to worry about your masterpieces blending into each other or crinkling the agenda portion of your planner either.