New York is probably best known for the hustle and bustle lifestyle that comes with living and working there. While it is a land of opportunity, unfortunately, many forget to treat themselves to the perks New York has to offer when they are completely absorbed into their daily tasks. Why not grab a few of these gifts for the New Yorker in your life to help eliminate some of their stress?

Kate Spade New York Taxi Mittens

Did you know that in New York City taxis are mandated by law to be yellow? Abide by the law when taxiing your coffee to the office while keeping your coffee hot and hand protected with Kate Spade’s New York Taxi Mittens.

Every Person in New York

The stories from the Humans of New York project have done more than taught us that New York is what it is because of the unique individuals who have come together. See some of these New Yorkers in their natural surroundings from the perspective of Jason Polan and Kristen Wiig in Every Person in New York.

OPI Nail Polish, Big Apple Red

A necessity in every woman’s nail polish collection is a quality bottle for those special occasions. And there' no color that makes a bigger statement though than OPI’s Big Apple Red Nail Polish to say you belong in New York.

Artsadd NYC Travel Umbrella

New York gets its fair share of rain throughout the year and having a compact umbrella is a must in one’s home, bag, and office. Artsadd’s NYC Travel Umbrella not only reflects your pride for the city, it also keeps you dry while doing so.

Secret New York: Color Your Way to Calm

Discover New York in a way you would never be able to, even in person in front of NYC’s iconic buildings. Unleash your creativity and paint a detailed NYC the color you want it with Secret New York: Color Your Way to Calm.

The New Yorker Subscription

There is no true New Yorker who rushes around the city without a copy of The New Yorker under their arms to keep up appearances and up to date with the latest news. Gifting your nearest and dearest with a 3-month subscription to The New Yorker Magazine will help to tick off one more item from their already long list of to-do items.

Retro New York City Map Canvas

Perfect for work or home to show your deep roots and knowledge of New York is the Retro New York City Map Canvas. Easily pair it with practically any type of decoration and attract the eyes of your clients and guests.

Friends Central Perk Mug

One cannot deny the amount of attraction Friends brought to New York since the very first air date of their pilot episode in September 1994. How better to show your support for Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey in their endeavors in New York than through carrying your choice of drink in a Friends Central Perk Mug while working towards your own endeavors.

Kate Spade Lunch Bag and Tumbler Gift Set

Being located New York, it is no wonder that Kate Spade has really nailed the perfect designs in all of their products to attract the masses. Show your fashionista side even in the lunch room with Kate Spade’s New York Lunch Tote and Tumbler Gift Set.

Homesick Scented Candle, New York

Candles work wonders in not only masking smells around the apartment, but also changing your emotions by triggering particular smells that remind you of certain memories. The Homesick Scented Candle, New York will have your place smelling like New York no matter if you’re away on vacation or a business trip.