Alright, packing can be stressful. It's a delicate balance between remembering all those prized possessions, while trying to keep under airline weight restrictions. However, it appears some people have very different interpretations of what is and is not appropriate to pack. In the spirit of Halloween, we've compiled a list of the creepiest, grossest and most downright disturbing items found in luggage, reported by airport security. 

Human Intestines

In 2016, Austrian officials confirmed that a Moroccan woman was found carrying a plastic container of human intestines in her luggage. As it's been reported, the woman believed that her husband had been poisoned, and was bringing the intestines to Austria to have them examined. What we're wondering, though, is how she got them out of him in the first place.  


In 2010, two American tourists attempted to bring an unconventional souvenir home after a trip to Greece. Six human skulls were discovered in their luggage after the bags went through a scanner. While at first they tried to play them off as fake (claiming they had bought them in Mykonos), after closer examination the skulls were confirmed to be human.

Severed Heads

Skulls alone are one thing, but fully-formed human heads are a whole other ordeal. In 2013 at O'hare International Airport, 18 human heads were discovered in luggage traveling from Rome to Chicago. As it turns out, it was a legitimate medical shipment, and while the paperwork had gotten a little mixed up, the heads were eventually allowed to clear. 

Venomous Snakes

A man flying from South Korea to Atlanta was discovered smuggling 30 venomous snakes in his bag. Packed into a variety of jars and bottles, there is still no explanation as to why he was carrying them or what he planned to do, but all we're thinking is Snakes on a Plane. 

Human Limb

Nearly six years ago, a Chinese man was stopped at Bucharest airport in Romania after a "human's lower limb" was discovered in his luggage. While he was detained on the spot, he was intending to fly to Italy, where he would have done God knows what with the (we're assuming) leg. 


Two hundred tarantulas were discovered at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport along with crickets, millipedes and grasshoppers. Apparently, the busted German couple was trying to smuggle them home after a trip to South America. Why? We have no idea.