It’s safe to say that you haven’t done December right if you don’t feel like you’re in need of a serious detox. All of the work Christmas parties, family get-togethers, and festive cheer definitely do take a toll on the liver. So, whether you've thrown off your diet plan, spent all your savings or embarrassed yourself at the office party — Dry January is the perfect time to recharge and recoup by dedicating a whole month to going off the grog.

If you’re a first timer to this concept, you are probably wondering what on earth you are going to do for fun without alcohol. Well have no fear, there’s actually a lot of options to keep yourself occupied that don’t involve margaritas and who knows - you might even enjoy yourself. We can certainly guarantee you won’t miss the hangovers.

Join an Exercise Class

Dry January is the perfect time to get fit. No longer will you skip the gym because you’re hungover or avoid that class to meet some friends at the pub. Joining an exercise class will allow you to stay social, learn a new skill and fill in all that extra time you have. Try something interesting like HIIT, boxing or hot yoga. Alternatively, you could get ClassPass and have the chance to do it all.

Make a List of New Recipes to Try Out

Time to get creative and test out your culinary flair. Make yourself a list of recipes for the month and try out at least two a week. If you’ve always wanted to bake a lemon meringue pie or try out what you think of a vegan casserole, now is a great time to do so. We're hungry just thinking about it. 

Switch Your Weekly Dinner Date to a Brunch Date

What’s the best thing about no hangovers on the weekend? BRUNCH. Switch up your weekly dinner date by suggesting a brunch. Think poached eggs, hashbrowns, shakshuka, bacon. You won’t miss that vino one bit. Trust us.

Get Cultured

Switch up that night in the bar for a night spent getting cultured. Vancouver’s Art Gallery is actually by donation from 5 pm to 9 pm on Tuesdays, so it’s an ideal place to do so. If art isn’t your thing then you could see a foreign film, check out an open mic night or catch a stage show with the money you’ve saved this month.

Take Up a New Hobby 

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at painting? What about pottery? Now is the time to take up a new hobby and explore your hidden talents. The world is your oyster with classes in everything from guitar to sewing. You never know, you may even discover your destiny at the same time.

Make a Reading List to Finish in a Month

Make a list of novels that you have always wanted to read. Why not tick some of the classics off your list and educate yourself about the best that literature has to offer. Either that, or read some inspirational auto-biographies and inspire yourself for the future.

Finally Take a Trip on Your Bucket List

If you’ve always wanted to learn to surf in Mexico, explore the food scene in San Francisco or get lost in the wilderness of Canada - now is the perfect time to be selfish and tick something off the bucket list.

Try Meditating Each Morning

Meditation is the ideal way to stay focused and train your mind. If you're new to the whole thing, try out some guided meditation. All you need is 5 to 10 minutes each morning and you will feel the world of difference. It will allow you to stay focused whether it be at work, with your exercise goals or creativity and keep you on track for Dry January.

Take Some Time to Relax and Pamper Yourself

Nothing soothes the soul like taking some time out to relax and really pamper yourself. Take that extra cash and spend it on a massage or facial, or why not spend the day at the spa. If you don’t want to splash any cash - pour yourself a bubble bath, kick back and check out on the world for a little while. You deserve it.

Use The Money You Save to Treat Yourself to Something Nice

As much as we like to lie to ourselves, drinking is not cheap. Taking a month off the grog will leave extra money in your pocket and why not use it to treat yourself? Buy yourself a new outfit, get something nice for the house or treat yourself to a new toy. Hey, maybe it’s your year to take up surfing.