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Every old hotel in the world has a story to tell. Some hotel histories are filled with happy guests and fond memories, while others are riddled with scandal, suspicion and even death. Throughout the decades, some of these historic hotels have been renovated and revamped to bring them into the 21st century. But many of these ancient accommodations still harbor shocking secrets and unsolved mysteries of those unfortunate guests over the years who checked in but never checked back out.

It’s even believed that these tortured souls still roam the halls of the world’s oldest hotels and pay the occasional visit to the living in their rooms. Trust us when we say even if you’re a skeptic, a night in one of these suites will have you shaking in your sheets! So if you’re looking for the ultimate chance to have a close encounter with an otherworldly entity, here are 10 haunted hotel rooms in the world that you can actually book a stay in.

“John V. Morse” Room at Lizzie Borden B&B, Massachusetts

Whether she really “gave her mother 40 whacks” or not still remains ambiguous, since Lizzie Borden was cleared of all murder charges for the deaths of her father and stepmother. But that still doesn’t change the fact that two people were brutally murdered in the Borden family home - and apparently, they never left. Today, the old house is a bizarre B&B and macabre museum where guests can get a closer look at Lizzie Borden’s early life. The owners even hung up disturbing original crime scene photos on the rooms’ walls to really amp up the horror. While most visitors choose a harmless daytime tour of the infamous Lizzie Borden home, other fearless guests are brave enough to spend the night with the Borden family themselves. For the most authentically bone-chilling overnight experience, book a stay in the “John V. Morse” room - where Mrs. Borden was found bludgeoned to death with the back of an axe - and try to get a good night’s sleep while you lie inches away from where it all happened…

Room 333 at the Langham Hotel, London

Built-in 1865 as the first “grand hotel” of England, the gorgeous Langham is one of the oldest - and most notoriously haunted - hotels in the U.K. This palatial pension house has had visits from all sorts of characters, some of which liked it so much they decided to stay forever. Several ghostly sightings have been reported at the Langham by both guests and employees, including an evanescent man with a gaping wound on his face roaming around the hallways, a butler in socks wandering the corridors and even Emperor Napoleon III, who spent his last days in exile at the Langham. But the room that boasts the most paranormal activity at the Langham is 333, where a German prince jumped out of the window to his death and a deranged doctor murdered his wife then killed himself on their honeymoon. For whatever reason, these ghosts and several others enjoy spending their time in Room 333, making themselves known to the guests and even throwing some of them out of their beds!

Room 6 at the Logan Inn, Pennsylvania

Known as Buck’s County’s oldest continuously running hotel, the Logan Inn is a little piece of American history in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Opened by John Wells as a tavern in 1722, the Logan was a popular resting post for Revolutionary War soldiers and thirsty patrons. According to hearsay, the basement of the Logan Inn was once used to store dead bodies from the war before they were buried...and thanks to the inn’s sordid past, it is rumored to be haunted by no fewer than eight ghosts! Guests of room 6, in particular, have had several unexplained “incidents” while staying overnight. Supposedly, some women have seen a male apparition in the bathroom mirror of Room 6, while other guests have been visited by the infamous ghost of Emily, the former Innkeeper’s mother. But the ghosts don’t stop there: a mysterious lavender smell emanating from a photograph, the disembodied voices of children crying and random moving objects have all been reported in the hotel, especially room 6.

Room 5 at the Heritage Hotel, Australia

Hidden hundreds of miles off Australia’s shores, Norfolk Island is said to be one of the most haunted places in the entire Pacific! Why? This remote island was once used by the British as a convict colony where the most evil of criminals were exiled. Within the penal colony, hundreds of prisoners faced dangerous living conditions, execution and brutal torture by the unscrupulous guards. As the rumors go, some of the prisoners begged for death just to escape the torment of Norfolk Island - and were granted it. After the public condemned the penal colony and its inhumane practices, the island was forcefully abandoned. Today, Norfolk is filled with lush landscapes, lovely national parks and tourists from all around. But many believe the island is haunted by the miserable ghosts of all its former prisoners, especially when they visit Heritage Hill Hotel. Here, it is said that the ghost of the building’s original owner Maria Heaps - among other mysterious spirits - still lingers in Room 5. Creepy reports from guests in room 5 include loud bangs, ghostly pranks, and strange footsteps.

Room 501 at Hotel Galvez, Texas

Located on the sprawling Texas coast near the Gulf of Mexico, Hotel Galvez is a historic turn-of-the-century “haunt” right on the beach. Back in its heyday, this massive hotel was known as the “Playground of the Southwest” and had regular visits from the most prestigious of guests including Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Stewart, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. But Hotel Galvez is also known for having its fair share of skeletons in its closets - no pun intended. One of the most notable ghosts that haunts this Texas hotel is the unearthly bride to be Audra, aka the Love Lorn Lady. It’s said that Audra checked into room 501 and spent every day sitting in the turrets waiting for her fiancé’s ship to return. But after the young bride lost all hope that she would ever see her love again she hung herself - some believe in her room. The most tragic part of this story is that supposedly her fiancé came back just a few days later looking for her. Now, guests and employees who dare to enter room 501 are greeted by unexplained disturbances such as flickering lights, a cold breeze and the melancholy presence of the Love Lorn Lady, who still waits today.

Room 1200 at Hotel Roosevelt, California

Tucked in the Hollywood Hills, the Hotel Roosevelt is one of Los Angeles‘s most illustrious boutique hotels. With a prime location above the walk of fame, the Roosevelt has seen an endless parade celebrities and world-renowned guests including Hollywood starlet Carole Lombard, slapstick icon Charlie Chaplin and handsome movie star Clark Gable. While this chic little hotel is still active today, apparently many of the guests have regular run-ins with the restless spirits of the former movie and television stars that used to frequent it. In Room 928, the hunky ghost of Clifton Montgomery is known to brush against guests and even prevent them from lying on his bed. But if you want to meet one of the Roosevelt’s most famous celebrities, head to Room 1200 and gaze into the mirror for a ghostly glimpse of the inimitable Marylin Monroe, who evidently still haunts her old favorite hotel room.

Fresco Room at Hotel Burchianti, Italy

Built in the 17th century, the Hotel Burchiante is a charming little pensione in the heart of Florence. This Italian inn is the preferred pick for world travelers on a budget and has allegedly even had a visit from the infamous fascist dictator Benito Mussolini himself. Though most guests who pass through the Burchianti have a perfectly normal hotel stay, others are lucky enough to meet some of the Burchianti’s many popular ghosts. Believed to be one of the most haunted hotels in all of Europe, guests and employees of the Burchianti have had countless paranormal experiences including seeing a mysterious woman knitting in a chair, feeling icy breath on their cheeks and even being attacked in their beds by an unseen entity. While spectral sightings have been reported all over the hotel, the majority of these spooky shenanigans seem to originate from the Fresco Room. Here, many guests have seen a hazy pink figure believed to be Mussolini walking around the room, and one guest even fled the hotel in the middle of the night after she felt a heavy body lying on top of her.

Room 217 at the Stanley Hotel, Colorado

Located in the arid mountains of Colorado, the Stanley Hotel is an enormous old estate that is perhaps best known for being the chilling inspiration for Stephen King’s terrifying novel The Shining. As the story goes, Stephen King and his family stayed in room 217 of the virtually abandoned Stanley Hotel during their offseason - just like in the book...because they were the only guests that winter, King and his family were free to roam wherever they wanted in the massive 138-Room Georgian Hotel. But just a few nights into his stay, Stephen King began to have disturbing visions and lucid dreams about his family and the hotel that plagued his waking memories. It’s no surprise that the Stanley is rumored to be haunted by several familiar ghosts including business tycoon Freelan Oscar Stanley, his wife, Flora and former housekeeper Elizabeth Wilson, Today, the Stanley totally embraces its otherworldly reputation by playing Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining on a loop in the lobby, hosting regular tours of the haunted hotel and even opening up the infamous room 217 to guests who want to stay the night and see what all the supernatural fuss is about.

Room 324 at Toftaholm Herrgard, Sweden

Nestled in the lush rural countryside of Sweden, Toftaholm Herrgard is a cozy guest lodge with oodles of history and charm. The former home of a wealthy Scandinavian baron, the Toftaholm Herrgard was once a luxurious rural estate where the baron lived with his daughter. Storytellers say that when the baron learned of a budding romance between his daughter and a lowly peasant boy, the baron quickly forced her into an arranged marriage with a stranger. Heartbroken by his unrequited love, the poor peasant hanged himself in what is now Room 324. While this quaint country lodge is still a perfectly pleasant place to spend the night, an alarming number of guests say they’ve spotted the lugubrious lover himself lamenting in Room 324...Love can be a real pain.

Room 315 at the Copper Queen, Arizona

Located south of Tucson in the quiet town of Bisbee, the Copper Queen is one of Arizona’s oldest and most reputable hotels. Known as “one of the last historical gems of the southwest”, this grand hotel was built right in the center of a booming mining settlement called The Queen of the Copper Camps. During the turn of the century, the Copper Queen was the preferred accommodation for traveling dignitaries, wealthy copper magnates and even a few “ladies of the night”.  After the prosperous copper mines closed down in 1975, Brisbee transformed from a fast-paced mining town to a laid-back art colony mainly inhabited by tourists and retirees. But the crown jewel of Brisbee still remains. Though regular visitors still stop by the Copper Queen, evidently there are some residents of the hotel who have been there for centuries. The figure of a dignified gentleman in stately garb lingers in the lobby smoking cigars, an entity who calls himself Howard likes to check up on the employees and a precocious little spirit boy enjoys playing harmless pranks throughout the hotel. But the most active and popular ghost of the Copper Queen is the flirtatious Miss Julia Lowell, a lady companion who apparently still enjoys “servicing” men from beyond the grave. Visitors who stay in Julia’s former Room 315 - especially male visitors -  have had after dark encounters with the charming seductress, and some are even treated to a spectral striptease at the foot of their bed!