hot flight attendants

Traveling is great, but the process of flying itself isn't always the most pleasant experience. The combination of bad food, cramped legroom and expensive tickets doesn't exactly make for a good time. But there are a few things that make air travel a bit better, such as those mini-bottles of booze they serve – and the flight attendants. 

While most airlines nowadays don't base their hiring practices as heavily on physical appearances as they did in the 1960's, there's no doubt that looks often still play a role, no matter male or female. With that said, a study on the most attractive flight attendants in the world earlier this year made quite a stir – but there was one fatal flaw: the report had failed to include multiple airlines, the infamous VietJet Airlines included. We're here to fix that by including every airline in our own analysis; without further ado, here are the most attractive flight attendants around the world.

5. Singapore Airlines

Recently crowned the world's best airport for the fifth year in a row, Singapore's Changi Airport is more than just a beautiful facility; it is also the home of one of the world's most elegant and respected airlines. Founded in 1947, Singapore Air is as famous for their customer service and staff today as it was seven decades ago. In fact, their cabin crew's Balmain-designed uniforms are so iconic that the airline's official brand icon is the 'Singapore Girl' – a smiling air stewardess wearing the company's high fashion sarong kebaya.

4. Air Serbia

Formerly Jat Airways, Air Serbia has had both a name change and a change of countries since diverging from Yugoslavia in the 1990s – but the gorgeousness of their flight crew has remained a constant. With East Europe growing into an increasingly popular travel destination, more and more travelers are discovering the airline's charm. A quick peek at their Instagram account might be enough to convince you to book a flight to Belgrade pronto. Pro tip: ask for a bottle of rakia, the specialty Serbian version of fruit brandy to savour en route.

3. Air France 

The French are known to possess that je ne sais quoi no matter what it is they're accomplishing. With uniforms designed by none other than Christian Lacroix and in-flight meals created by Michelin-starred chefs, Air France is living up to their cultural stereotypes – and we're not complaining. A trip on their national airline is pretty much equivalent to a lesson in French charm, as the flight attendants – male and female – have a reputation for attentive service and smiles that will set your heart aflutter. Oh, and don't forget about that sexy French accent when they ask you, "Coffee or tea?"

2. VietJet Airlines

The ingenious bikini uniforms debuted by VietJet Airlines last year made their CEO the first female billionaire in Vietnam, although that's not the only reason for their success. The employees have the option of donning the newer style of uniform, or to stick with the more traditional style; but given that many of their flight attendants could well be models, it really doesn't matter which one they choose. It leaves us wondering what the male Bonus tip: if you're not able to hop on a VietJet flight anytime soon, you can do the next best thing and purchase one of their annual calendars.

1. Emirates

The Instagram-famous airline is Instagram-famous for a reason. The air hosts of Air Emirates have gained quite a reputation on social media for their unique, recognizable uniform and their stunning good looks in equal measure. Based in Dubai, the company hires their employees from all countries around the globe, and even has their own flight training academy in the UAE's main airport. Aside from the attractiveness of their staff, the airline is also making news with their cheeky jabs at the United States' recent laptop ban – which is making us fall in love with them even more.