Beer Germany woman

If the daily grind has you wishing you were on vacay asap, you may want to consider heading to one of these cities on your next trip. Zipjet, a UK-based company who develop technology to reduce daily stresses, studied 500 locations analyzing criteria such as traffic, security, and mental health issues, to find the world's least stressful city.

The new study from Zipjet, ranked Stuttgart, Germany as the least stressful city, scoring highly on factors including good security, family purchase power, green spaces, and equality. Stuttgart is the capital of Baden-Württemberg, which borders France and Switzerland and is best-known for its stunning Black Forest.

The cities which ranked further down the list had higher rates of unemployment, debt per capita, traffic, public transport, and pollution. The top 10 least stressful cities are as follows:

1. Stuttgart, Germany
2. Luxembourg, Luxembourg
3. Hanover, Germany
4. Bern, Switzerland
5. Munich, Germany
6. Bordeaux, France
7. Edinburgh, United Kingdom
8. Sydney, Australia
9. Hamburg, Germany
10. Graz, Austria

You can see the full list on the Zipjet website