Glamping Paws Up Glamor Luxury Camping Sites

Whether it’s in the arid mountains or on a serene beach, glamping has been growing in popularity ever since we heard The Real Housewives gabbing about it. Glamping –or ‘glamor camping’– is the perfect marriage between nature and nurture. No longer a luxury reserved only for the rich and famous, glamping has become a lot more mainstream and much less Stepford in the past few years.

So from environmentally-friendly eco-lodges in Texas, to lavish yurts and treehouses in Tanzania, here are ten of the most luxurious sites in the world to enjoy the great outdoors.

Treehouse Lodge – Loreto, Peru

Sleeps: 2-3 – Rate: $650/night

Perched in the lush canopy of the Amazon Rainforest, the all-inclusive Treehouse Lodge in Loreto Peru offers a one-of-a-kind view of Peru. From serene rivers and streams to exiting safaris and excursions, this getaway is perfect for all types of occasions. Not only do you get to wake up every morning high up in the trees to the soft sounds of rainforest wildlife, you’ll experience all the excitement of the Amazon while enjoying the modern luxuries of glamping. Each treehouse comes complete with showers, sinks, toilets and fresh linens, along with plush canopy beds, open air and unbelievable views.  Other than relaxing in treehouse luxury, guests can also sample some local flavor in the form of Peruvian cuisine, safari tours, wildlife observing, yoga, horseback or camel riding, and other outdoor activities.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort – BC, Canada

Sleeps: 1-2 – Rate: $1,583/night

Hidden in the crisp Clayoquot Sound World Biosphere of Vancouver Island, the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is an ultra-classy Canadian camping resort complete with a spa, five star cuisine and tents that put all other tents to shame with its king beds, down duvets, wood stoves, and antique furniture. Camp under the stars in a plush cloud of comfort and immerse yourself in the complete serenity of the island as you sip on sparkling wine and take in the beautiful island sunset. Along with fantastic dining and unwinding on the island, guests also have access to amazing forest hiking and wildlife observing. Even your four-legged friends are invited to enjoy the splendid nature and luxury of Clayoquot.

Seasons Safari Lodge – Arusha, Tanzania

Sleeps: 3-4 – Rate: $1,540/night

The remote country of Tanzania has plenty to offer visitors, from the lush landscapes of the Serengeti to the captivating culture of east Africa; and nestled in the heart of it all is the amazingly luxurious Four Seasons Safari Lodge. This thrilling safari getaway is great for solo travelers, couples, groups and people of all ages. The lodge includes 77 decked-out guest rooms, a spa, an infinity pool, room service and a private restaurant that serves up mouthwatering local Tanzanian cuisine

. You’ll definitely want to check out the exciting game rides and safari tours – and the best part is you can spend all day on an African safari, then enjoy a soothing massage and gourmet meal in the comfort of a secluded resort.

Patagonia Camp – Santiago, Chile

Sleeps: 2-4 – Rate: $785/night

Nestled in the dense forests of Chile on the shores of Lake Toro, Patagonia Camp is a lavish escape to another world. The very first glamping resort in Chile, Patagonia Camp features 18 luxurious yurts with heating, electricity, running water and even WiFi – because let’s face it, we can’t live without Wifi.  Although these yurts are small, you’re definitely not ‘roughing it’; each yurt offers the tranquil sounds of wind and rain from inside a cozy, heated hut and an endless view of the stars from your plushy, king sized bed. The Patagonia Camp offers a chance to totally lose yourself in nature while still enjoy the comforts of a modern resort. Nearby activities include hiking and adventuring in the forests, woods, lakes and mountains of Chile.

Mashpi Lodge – Pinchincha, Ecuador

Sleeps: 1-2 – Rate: $1,296/night

The modern Mashpi Lodge is located in the idyllic cloudforest of Ecuador. This contemporary eco-friendly space is the ideal blend of outdoor adventure and creature comforts, with award-winning eco-lodges, luxurious local cuisine, and unparalleled views of the fertile forests of Ecuador. The gorgeous property includes a bar and lounge, an on-site restaurant, and ultra-modern eco-rooms complete with A/C, showers, ceiling fans, running water, and everything else you could ever need for a complete glamping escape.  While you’re relaxing in luxury, be sure to take in all the exotic wildlife and unique culture of Ecuador.

Anegada Beach Club – British Virgin Islands

Sleeps: 2-3 – Rate: $300/night

Located on a remote island in the British Virigin Islands, the Anegada Beach Club is the most glamorous way to camp out by the beach. The Club includes seven opulent luxury tents that overlook miles of pure white sands, a crystal clear swimming pool, an open-air restaurant, a beach bar, and plenty of outdoor lounging space to snooze in the shade.  Each gorgeous tent is decked out with electricity, temperature control, running water, Wifi, and plenty of additional modern amenities. Nearby beach activities include kayaking, helicopter tours, kite surfing, snorkeling, and fishing.

Brush Creek Ranch – Wyoming, USA

Sleeps: 1-6 – Rate: $800-$4,200/night

Built in the majestic mountainside of Wyoming, the Lodge and Spa at Brush Creek Ranch is the perfect retreat for hikers, equestrians, and nature lovers of all ages. This ridiculously ritzy camping resort includes 13 luxury lodge rooms, ten log cabins, yurts, and nine rustic cabin suites. Onsite amenities include concierge and laundry service, a steam room and sauna, fitness center, housekeeping services, and recreation area. If you’re looking for a chance to reconnect with nature and explore the beauty of ranch life while enjoying all the luxuries of a five star spa, then Brushy Creek Ranch is the perfect place to visit.

Yuquiyu – Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

Sleeps: 1-2 – Rate: $150-175/night

Hidden among the ancient trees of Puerto Rico’s El Yunque Rainforest, Yuquiyu is a magical jungle retreat that offers the chance to discover the wild from a luxury resort. Yuquiyu is a sprawling three-acre tropical paradise that offers gorgeous treehouse suites with all the amenities of a modern hotel: a granite kitchenette, electricity, slate bath with running water, along with a few Puerto Rican bonuses like an organic garden, organic farm, and gorgeous flower gardens filled with local flora. Back on the ground, there’s plenty to keep you busy: snorkeling and swimmping at the famous Luquillo Beach and shopping in Old San Juan are just thirty minutes away.

Tava Glamping – Cordillera, Paraguay

Sleeps: 1-3 – Rate: $120/night

Built high above the jungle floor of Paraguay, Tava Glamping is a South American dreamscape that offers glorious views of the lakes, trees and wilderness of Paraguay from luxurious elevated cabins.  While staying at Tava Glamping, guests have a choice between three different cabin styles: beach, tree and lake, all incorporating natural elements of your surrounding. Each cabin is impeccably decorated with tailor-made furnishings – and if you ever get tired of being pampered inside your cabin, you can venture outdoors for a guided tour, a nature bicycle ride, or even a peaceful kayaking trip.

Homoki Lodge – Csongrad, Hungary

Sleeps: 1-4 – Rate: $152-$389/night

Built right in the heart of Europe, the Homoki Lodge & Luxury Glamping Resort is a breath of fresh air that delivers a true taste of Hungary. This gorgeous glamping resort offers a wide array of authentic local experiences, from wine tasting in the countryside to safaris and excursions in the wilderness of the secluded South Hungarian Puszta Natural Reserve. Guests have the option of a Yurt Superior with separated levels and private terrace, a private cottage with fenced garden, an opulent yurt luxury with mini-bar, deluxe yurts with rain showers, or a cozy suite within the old adobe farmstead-turned-lodge. Each rental includes all the worldly comforts of home plus a smorgasbord of charming European touches that you won’t find at home. Between massages, shopping, outdoor excursions, community events and live performances, you’ll never run out of new things to try at the Homoki Lodge.

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