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Having a five-star taste can be quite a burden on your wallet, especially when trying to plan extravagant trips to far off places. One of the most expensive parts of any trip is the hotel stay. While spots like Best Western are great and cost efficient, if you have a taste for luxury, they just won't cut it. Fortunately, there are a number of sites online that make booking your next luxury stay easier on your bank account - here are the best.


Suiteness offers online booking for over 17,000 luxury suites in Las Vegas, Miami, and New York that you may not know exist. Over 50% of the spots listed on their site are exclusive to the Suiteness brand meaning you can catch a deal for a spot no one you know has ever been to before. Through Suiteness’ intuitive search filters, you can specify exactly what you want to be included in your stay. From booking a five bedroom Miami beach front property - to booking an exclusive stay right on the Las Vegas Strip - Suiteness is definitely worth checking out.

Accor Hotels

Next on our list is Accor Hotels, where luxury wanderlust travelers can book high-class hotels across Europe in cities like Paris, London, and Berlin. They also have bookings in Australia, Canada, Bangkok, Singapore, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. Members of Accor Hotels earn points for booking stays at hotels on their network, including big luxury names like Sofitel and MGallery. They also host a selection of more wallet-friendly chains like Ibis and Mercure. This site is definitely for those luxury travelers who want the option of spending a bit more without paying full price.


Jetsetter is the perfect site for travelers looking for a high-quality luxurious stay at a significantly lower price. Jetsetter hosts a number of great deals on five-star hotels and resorts across the globe. Jetsetter hotels are expected to meet strict criteria in order to earn a spot on their website, so you can rest easy knowing what you see is what you get. The Jetsetter team quality checks everything at their hosted hotels, from the comfort of the hotel furniture to the room service menu. Members of Jetsetter also earn rewards as they book and can create customizable vacation packages through Jetsetter Journeys.


Tablet is an app-based hotel booker that offers luxury spots throughout the world, in places like Sydney, Dubai, Toronto, Mexico City, Panama, Tokyo, Madrid, Paris, Napa Valley, Boston, and Hawaii. Tablet prides itself on its carefully crafted list of luxury hotels. For only $99 a year you can become a Tablet Plus Member, giving you access to exclusive room upgrades, discounts, and VIP events like architecture tours, bespoke dinners, exhibitions and so much more.

Voyage Privé

Members of Voyage Prive are given incredible discounts on luxury hotel rooms and even exclusive weekend getaway packages in places like Paris, Bruges, and Edinburgh. These discount offers are updated on a daily basis. Based in France, Voyage Prive offers deals of up to 70% off to its members, through flash sales events that only seven days. Travel around the world in picturesque locales like the Maldives, Morocco, Cuba, Monaco, Istanbul, Iceland, New York and Thailand and still keep to a budget.

Luxury Link

Think eBay but for discount luxury travel experiences. Luxury Link offers its members exclusive auctions that let participators bid on the discounted hotel stay of their choice. Membership for Luxury Link is free and opens the door to discounted deals on hotels and resorts from the famous Spruce Point Inn Resort & Spa in Harvard Maine, to the Urso Hotel & Spa in Madrid. 


Splendia offers its members access to incredible discounts on over 3,000 hotels worldwide. Established in 2004, Splendia carefully picks their collection of high-class luxury hotels. Membership is free and allows you to book rooms at some of the best spots around the world from Thailand to France. They also offer exclusive travel packages that add exclusive bells and whistles like spa treatments and rounds of golf.

Secret Escapes

Secret Escapes lets members book luxury hotel rooms for up to 70% off the normal rate. This discount luxury hotel booking site negotiates exclusive rates at some of their carefully picked locations. They also offer all-inclusive packages for hotels scattered across the United States and beyond. Membership is free, and allows you to book amazing hotels like the famous Hush-Hush Hotel in downtown San Francisco, and MADE Hotel in Midtown New York City on the cheap.


VeryChic helps wander-hungry travelers catch deals on extravagant four and five-star hotels discounted up to 70% off their normal rates. VeryChic’s carefully curated list of luxury hotels is crafted by their own team of travel experts. Each listing on their site is graded based off of three criteria: the distance from popular sites, the customer service, and how memorable the experience is. Like most travel sites, access to VeryChic’s discounted prices is for members only. Signing up is easy though, especially through their iOS and Android app. 


Mediteranique helps travelers find deep discounts on luxury hotels scattered across the Mediterranean Sea. From the villas of Provence France to a cave resort and spa in Cappadocia Turkey, Mediteranique has a whole host of spots that can wet your luxury hotel appetite. Membership to the site’s Loyalty Club, or MedClub, gains you access to discounts and special offers for up to 50% off normal rates. What makes Mediteranique special is their unique ‘Think Green’ policy, which encourages its partnered hotels to adopt eco-friendly habits and practices in order to minimize their global impact and conserve natural resources.

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