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For millennials, leaving everything behind and going off to live abroad has a certain allure to it. Besides all the obvious reasons like a better job market, quality of life, and for some, better politics, moving abroad can be an incredibly exciting experience for those who decide to take the plunge. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top 10 reasons why millennials are moving abroad in droves, and why you should probably make an effort to go join them.

The Job Prospects are Enormous

According to a recent survey by FlexJobs, 70% of millennials say the main reason to travel is for work. The millennial generation is known for their tendency to job hop, especially when compared to the previous generation. Also, traveling abroad for work can make you stand out compared to other applicants. Depending on the country you pack up and move to, there may be a wide range of financial benefits as well, especially if your city of choice has a lower cost of living. If you're moving to a non-English speaking country, we recommend learning the native language if you want to land a solid job though.

They Have an Improved World Culture Abroad

The cultural benefits of moving abroad are fairly obvious. On top of the experience, moving abroad can broaden your perception and understanding of the world. Beyond that, it can also force you to adopt new habits and even learn new languages you otherwise wouldn’t have even thought about if you stayed in your hometown. There is also a vast difference between just visiting a distant country and actually becoming a working resident there. The cultural benefits of spending your everyday life in places like Belgium, the United Kingdom, or Seoul truly outshine those of the typical vacation.

The Cost of Living is Much Lower Than in Their Hometown

If you’re from New York, California, Hawaii, or other expensive states in the U.S then you already know the cost of living can be extraordinarily high. Many millennials who have moved abroad, did so for the reason of avoiding the sometimes outrageous costs of living there. Countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, and Ireland all have a potential of costing far less than many popular U.S cities. In some areas, the price you may have to pay for a studio apartment could buy you a two bed, two bath condo of your dreams overseas.

They Want a Better Work/Life Balance

Some countries overseas, like Spain, Denmark, and the Netherlands have some of the best work-life balance amongst the working people in the world. With the United States, several steps below the top of the list it is fairly easy to see why millennials would be drawn to moving abroad. To put it simply, the U.S has never care too much about the balance of work and everyday life. The U.S poor work to life balance makes it difficult to stand up to countries like Spain, where it is expected for employees to take an early evening nap. On top of a number of holiday off-days and paid leave options some of these countries offer, it is sometimes difficult to keep some millennials in the States.

To Embrace that Remote Working Life

Many millennials move abroad simply because they are lucky enough to work remote jobs. Remote jobs allow employees to work from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection and a computer capable enough to do the work the job asks of them. In most cases, remote jobs allow for employees to pick their own hours, making time differences a trivial factor in the equation. And with everything moving online, remote jobs are becoming more and more common. If you're looking for cities which give you more flexibility to lap up that freelance life, check out Berlin, Istanbul, Bengaluru, Vancouver, and Lisbon

For Political Reasons

Let’s face it, U.S. politics are a bit of a headache at the moment. No matter which side you stand on, left or right, it’s easy to agree that the politics in certain countries overseas may seem far more appealing to millennials. Moving abroad also gives you the option of picking the political system that works best for you. Whether you sit staunch left, or far right, there is a place out there for you that you can agree with politically.

They Have a Desire to See the World

The millennial generation is far more interested in experience and adventure than that of previous generations. It is already been reported frequently that millennials are less likely to want to settle down, so it’s easy to see how tantalizing the idea of moving overseas may appear to someone in that mindset. Also with the popularity of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, there has never been a greater desire to travel the world, capture it on a phone camera, and show off your wanderlust accomplishments to everyone online.

Owning Property is More Achievable Abroad

In some parts of the world buying a piece of land is just as affordable as a used car (if not less than). Considering the economic struggles millennials have had to deal with over the past few years, it is easy to see why they have flocked overseas. While it may not necessarily be the American dream they had heard about all their lives, it’s the next best thing. Also, not many people can say they own a house in Thailand or a flat outside of Manchester. Besides the expected bragging rights, there is definitely something tantalizing about picking up, moving to the countryside of a foreign country, and buying a house that would cost a literal fortune in the United States.

Their Quality of Life is Improved

Depending on where they’ve relocated, millennials have claimed a definite increase in their quality of life. Countries like The United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Norway, and Switzerland, all have health insurance that is paid for by the state. The same can’t be said of the United States. Besides, the obvious benefits of being able to afford proper health care, moving abroad can also be a stress relieving experience. Millennials who may have found themselves stuck living in the United States may find a rejuvenating purpose overseas.

They are Considered More Desirable Candidates Abroad

Regardless of how you spin it, those who manage to successfully pack up and move abroad are seen as more bold, daring, and intelligent; and in most cases, an employer of a university is going to think the same way too. Possible employers are also more willing to hire international workers as they will more than likely bring a new perspective to the local work force. University recruiting counselors are also more likely to bring on students who have proved themselves through tests of character, and there is no greater test than leaving everything behind and trying something entirely new and different from what you know. For this reason, millennials have been taking up the challenge, knowing full well that in the end things will be a lot brighter for them abroad, than back at home.