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Ever dreamed of packing your suitcase and taking off to an unknown place? For many the idea of moving abroad is a pipe dream, a spontaneous pledge made by travelers with constant wanderlust. Taking such a leap of faith can be daunting at first. Navigating yourself around a new place, setting up a home from scratch and immersing yourself in a new culture is hard - but it is such a rewarding, life-changing experience we doubt you’ll regret. Thinking about taking the plunge? Here are six reasons to move abroad while you’re still young. Who knows, it could be your best decision yet.

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You Will Grow In Confidence

As a twenty-something still finding your way in life, moving abroad can be a great confidence booster. You’ll be forced to leave your comfort zone - whether it’s trying new food, speaking in another language or making new friends. There’ll be tough moments, but you’ll come out the other end as a stronger, more confident person who can take on just about anything.

You Will Gain Some Great Experience For Your Resume

Time spent working or studying abroad is a great addition to your resume and can give you that crucial competitive edge in a tough job market. Young Anglophones often find amazing opportunities abroad which they may not find so easily back home. From adaptability to problem-solving, you’ll gain an amazing skill set to impress potential employers with. If you can speak another language fluently, even better!

You Will Meet Some Amazing People

You may be living far from family and friends, but it won’t be long before you gain an amazing support network in your new home. When in our comfort zone we rarely venture out of our solid circle of friends we’ve had for years, while starting afresh in an unknown city always leads to new acquaintances that can become lifelong friendships. Plus you’ll meet people from all over the world and end up with endless places to crash whenever you go traveling.

You Will Learn More About Who You Are

It may sound like a cliché, but traveling for long periods of time and moving abroad are the ultimate experiences to help you find yourself. Such an experience will inevitably shake things up and get you out of that rut you’ve been having. Plunging yourself into a new environment always broadens your horizons and helps you find out things about yourself you may never have learnt back home.

You Will Have So Many Interesting Stories to Tell

No matter where you end up living in the world, you’ll always pick up some amazing stories to make your friends jealous or laugh whenever you’re back home. Forget your Insta story,  getting lost in translation to that incredible night out, you’ll have some amazing memories to cherish - as well as a pretty amazing Instagram feed.

You Will Realize You Can Do Anything, Anywhere

Living abroad will test you in ways you haven’t been before. Things will go wrong, but having challenges thrown at you is all part of the experience - and you’ll become a more resilient and independent person as a result. After living abroad, your other dreams you thought were merely fantasies will no longer seem so unattainable - so just go for it!