Fall can be an incredible season for camping. Neither too hot nor too cold (yet), one of the most efficient ways to get outdoors is to hook up a camping trailer. While a traditional model can be limiting in terms of where you go and often result in the need to shack up with crowds at busy campsites, there's another option now on the market. For the serious outdoor adventurer, there's a bigger, better, more bad-ass trailer out there.

This isn't your old man's pop up we're talking about: off-road trailers allow you to literally go anywhere. In fact, a number of the off-road trailers seen on today's roads (or off the roads, rather) have been inspired by designs that have seen use in the military. So anywhere that your vehicle can go, your trailer can effortless follow (such as to that stunning campsite on the other side of the river), offering endless opportunities during the fall.

So if you're looking to get off the beaten trail and skip the busy campsites, we've made a few suggestions to spark your imagination and get things rolling (full kitchens and luxurious heating systems included). 

Inka Outdoor

Based in North Carolina, Inka Outdoor has developed what some call the luxury yacht of campers thanks to its innovative, lightweight design. With a modern teardrop shape, the Venture OHV is fully insulated for the ultimate in comfort and is built to order (where features are only limited by practicality and budget).

The Conqueror

You're in luck: as of September, Conqueror off-road camping trailers will become available in the US after being put to the test on safari and in the Australian outback for over 25 years. Complete with an easy-to-set-up 360-degree awning, these urban escape vehicles are masterfully balanced with multiple innovative features that make it a truly luxury off-road camper.

Turtleback Trailers

Turtleback Trailers wants to see you get outdoors with the ultimate customizable camping off-road trailers. Each unit is crafted by hand in Phoenix, Arizona and includes features such as a full kitchen, boat racks and multiple awning and tent configurations. Ideal for smaller SUVs, setting up and breaking down camp sites is also a breeze as these trailers are purpose-built, meaning they're highly efficient on space and packing.