Channeling your inner Bear Grylls is essential when finding the perfect Christmas gift for your most adventurous family and friends. Even if hiking season seems like a lifetime away in the current climate, what outdoor enthusiast wouldn’t be ecstatic to receive a new pair of boots or a fancy new hiking rucksack. Read on for our list of the top 10 gifts for the outdoor adventurer in your life.

GSI Outdoors Halulite Microdualist Camp Cook Set

Despite the calming feelings nature brings to your senses, without much food going into our bodies, feelings of hunger will inevitably take over. While many feel a great connection with nature, most of us would still prefer to cook over a more controlled source of heat using easy to pack kitchenware. This is where GSI Outdoors’ Halulite Microdualist Camp Cook Set comes in handy. Providing us with the means to bring sustenance to our bodies by easily and efficiently preparing food in a way most of us are used to, it's also totally hassle-free.

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 Person Backpacking Tent

A backpacking getaway into mother nature’s best is usually the way to go when trying to get rid of days or even weeks of stress. But one night in a cramped and uncomfortable tent with no space and this could all be undone. The MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 Person Backpacking Tent does not only provide two people with the room they need to sleep the way they want, but is light enough to barely make a dent into the weight of your already teemingly full backpack.

TETON Sports Scout Backpack

Having all the tools needed for the perfect outdoor adventure makes you prepared for some much-needed relaxation in the outdoors. And since hard cased suitcases on wheels aren't particularly appropriate for an outdoor adventure, the next best option has got to be the TETON Sports Scout Backpack. Available in a variety of colors, you can ensure you blend into your surroundings — or make you as noticeable as possible — depending on your preference and chosen location. 

Arcteryx Cerium LT Jacket

Whether you are up in the mountains or down in the valleys, the best way to keep the perfect body temperature is with a versatile jacket that allows your body to adjust with the jacket to the external temperature. Arcteryx’s Cerium LT Jacket is a light jacket that provides you with the best insulation to maintain warmth even when it’s much colder in the evening. Designed with many features, such as elasticized sleeves, it works with as many components to help keep you as toasty as possible.

Leatherman 830039 Wave Multitool

When thinking of the words “practical” and “versatile”, a multitool may come to mind — something that can help you with or get you out of any situation. While any old multitool could be used, they will likely not hold up to the standard of the Leatherman 830039 Wave Multitool. It does not only come with the most useful attachments, but also a 25-year warranty to ensure it is strong enough to uphold any task you put it through.

Chillax Inflatable Lounger

While the Chillax Inflatable Lounger may not be well suited to blend into nature, it is definitely the best way to chillax out in nature (a place where carrying your bed with you is not an option). In addition to being light and easily packable once deflated, it also contains three pockets, so you don’t have to move from your spot to grab anything; a bottle opener for your drinks instead of going on a scavenger hunt for one; and an anchor loop to prevent the blow up mattress from unwanted sliding — that is unless you DO want to have a bit more fun.

Rumpl Puffy Down Blanket

A sleeping bag may be great at enveloping you and providing you with warmth, but nothing could ever replace the security a blanket brings you. The Rumpl Puffy Down Blanket is light, durable, waterproof, odor, and stain resistant, making it the perfect blanket to take with you to practically anywhere. The best part is this can easily be used as your regular blanket so that you can feel at the comfort of your own home even when you’re as far away from home as possible.

YETI Hopper TWO Portable Cooler

Nothing is worse than a lukewarm drink — especially on a hot summers day or even after a sweaty hike during an outdoor adventure. But don’t worry, the YETI Hopper TWO Portable Cooler is here to save the day (or days depending on how long you will be out for). Fully-equipped to keep ice for days, it is made to be as durable as it is portable.

Therm-a-Rest ProLite Plus Mattress

Remember that blanket we talked about to provide you with the warmest, safest sense of feeling no matter where you are? Well, of course, you will need a mattress to go with it. Even though the first thing that may come to mind when thinking about mattresses is the sheer weight of them, the Therm-a-Rest ProLite Plus Mattress is NOTHING like that. In fact, it is not only light but compressible for easy packing, while still being able to function perfectly in keeping you warm no matter what season of the year it is.

SPOT 3 Satellite GPS Messenger

As humans, we are becoming increasingly dependent on our phones as a source of communication, but unfortunately, with adventuring outdoors, this is sometimes impossible. With the SPOT 3 Satellite GPS Messenger you will still be able to keep connected to civilization via the use of satellite. A must-have.