Pinterest has just revealed its 2017 Travel Report, highlighting this years’ emerging travel trends. With 26 trends in total, Pinners get an exciting peek into what escapades others are thinking about embracing in the near future. We’ve compiled these trends for you below based on your lifestyle. So, whether you’re interested in fitting in a last minute trip before the holidays, or designing the ultimate adventure for 2018, here’s the place to start planning. Note: recommended destinations are included beside each trend, while destinations in bold are included among the top ten Pinterest destinations as of May 2017.

For the Jet-Setting Party Animal – Wildness, Stamina, Spirituality

Pinners this year were looking for a thrill. For party cats, Ko Pha Ngan’s Full Moon Party and the Carnival of Brazil are sure to satisfy. Midsummer celebrations, maypoles and all, can be found across Europe, but we recommend Sweden for a most beautiful and spellbinding experience. And for those looking for something more preternatural – ghost towns across America are patiently awaiting your arrival.

- Ghost towns (+188% YoY) – Virginia City, USA
- Midsummer (+71% YoY) – Stockholm, Sweden; Barcelona, Spain
- Carnival (+900% YoY) – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Tenerife, Canary Islands
- Thailand (+67% YoY) – Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

For the Globetrotting Foodie – Food (Food, and More Food), Creativity, Social-Mindedness

There were more than a few food trends this year, which makes perfect sense, because who doesn’t love to eat? Where meals are concerned, Pinners seem to desire the new, the hot, the sparkling, and the sumptuous — with a dash of that do-it-yourself, local mentality. Plantains and shakshuka speak of a growing love for texture and spice, while trends like Aperol spritz and London's Borough Market scream “I’ve got class, but I’m also super down to Earth.” Third wave coffee shops — artisanal, high-quality coffee — was 2017 hottest food-based trend, followed by Nashville hot chicken. For the coffee, check out the exquisite Belleville Brûlerie en Paris (we’d recommend stopping by 10 Rue Pradier). For the chicken, you’ll want to stop at Prince’s in Nashville.

- Plantains (+83% YoY) – Havana, Cuba
- Shakshuka (+112% YoY) – Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
- Nashville hot chicken (+156% YoY) – Nashville, USA
- Aperol spritz (+90% YoY) – Padua, Italy
- Borough Market in London (+78% YoY) – London, England
- Third wave coffee shops (+283% YoY) – Paris, France

For the Style-Conscious Traveler – Beauty, Fashion, Design

Beauty in all its forms, whether it’s your face, your outfit, or your living room, was another substantial trend this year. Well, of course it was, with all those pretty pictures to look at! Copenhagen stood out for its shopping scene, proving that once again Scandinavian artistry is timeless on and off the runway. If you happen by Copenhagen, we recommend stopping by two favorites, Wood Wood and GANNI. Bohemian minimalism at home seems to be on the rise, with trends like mudcloth textiles, kilim pillows, and desert décor attracting attention. And do-it-yourself looks and high-quality makeup are still all the rage — the bohemian trend continues in NYC with embroidered outfits, and French makeup remains the most popular (perhaps you’ll want to grab some after you’ve bought yourself a coffee at the Belleville Brûlerie).

- Embroidery outfits (+43% YoY) – New York City, USA
- French pharmacy (+98% YoY) – Lyon, France
- Copenhagen shopping (+44% YoY) – Copenhagen, Denmark
- Mudcloth textiles (+86% YoY) & Kilim pillows (+163% YoY) – Timbuktu, Mali; Istanbul, Turkey
- Desert décor (+52% YoY) – Algodones Dunes, California, USA

For the Rosy-Cheeked Explorer – Fitness, Mindfulness, Health

The world is getting healthier! Or at least, the Pinterest world is. Pinners are interested in loosening up both body and mind, with many travelers on the lookout for adult summer camps, yoga and meditation retreats. Trends advocating mindfulness also included something new and exciting in the Pinterest world—forest bathing (shinrin yoku), already standard in Japan, which encourages an active connection to nature. Here are some extraordinary places to practice it in Kyoto. Finally, Iceland also has a spot on the trending list this year, and it’s no wonder—with rejuvenating places like the Blue Lagoon and Sundhöllin, they’ve earned it.

- Fitness travel (+618% YoY) – Courchevel, France; Scottish Highlands, Scotland
- Forest bathing (152% YoY) – Kyoto, Japan
- Meditation retreats (+88% YoY) – Bora Bora, Polynesia
- Yoga retreats (+77% YoY) – Bali, Indonesia
- Adult summer camp (+43% YoY) – Gambier Island, Canada
- Iceland travel (+54% YoY) – Reykjavik, Iceland

For the Starry-Eyed Wanderer – Romance, Friendship, Spontaneity

Romance is in the air this year, or at least the trends would suggest as much. Swimming holes and thermal baths are popular destinations for honeymooners and incurable romantics. We’d recommend the stunning Grotta della Poesia in Italy and the 105-year-old Szechenyi Bath in Budapest. But this year’s not just for romance — it’s for friendship, too! Carefree travelers may find many kindred spirits if they choose to travel soon — group getaways and van life trends encourage spontaneous road trips to or within faraway places. Santorini is beautiful by car *wink wink*.

- Group getaways (+367% YoY) – Santorini, Greece
- Van life (+290% YoY) – San Francisco, USA
- Swimming holes (+183% YoY) – Roca Vecchia, Italy; Luang Prabang, Laos
- Thermal baths (+203% YoY) – Budapest, Hungary

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