a solo female traveler walking with her suitcase

Traveling is never easy for females, what with all the individual beauty products, outfit planning, and millions of pairs of shoes that yes, we do need to pack. However, with a little bit of help from some travel-friendly products, our vacation can go off without a hitch and keep us looking our best for the entire duration. Here's how easy packing for a trip can be.

Sephora Face & Eye Travel Tool Kit

Looking flawless and keeping your eye game strong, be it under the sweltering sun or in the freezing snow, is uncompromisable. Not only is the Sephora travel kit compact and easy to pack, it also holds all the necessities needed for your A game in a single travel pouch. 

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Polariod Snap Instant Digital Camera

Between busy schedules and that much-needed downtime, waiting to print photos is both inconvenient and time consuming. The Polaroid Snap eliminates the need to wait with the ability to not only print on the spot, but also print with various filters!

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Keiby Citom Professional Nail Clipper Travel & Grooming Kit

Unfortunately for many, bringing our manicurist or pedicurist on a trip with us is not a feasible option. However, with the Keiby Citom travel & grooming kit and freshly done nails, there should be no fear of a chipped nail or a cuticle causing us embarrassment.

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Adidas Women’s Athletic 24/7 Training Shoes

As much as we love a good pair of pumps, few can go the full day without feeling completely spent before evening activities even start. While wearing these stylish Adidas training shoes, there is no worry of your feet tiring, providing comfort all day and every day of your vacation.

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FOREO LUNA Go Facial Cleansing Brush

After a full day out exposed to the elements, traveling with the FOREO LUNA cleansing brush is a necessity. The brush is the size of a cotton pad, but able to get rid of all the impurities you may face from the dirt in nature or pollution in the city.

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BONLEX Foldable Backpack

Affordable, practical, and durable, the BONLEX backpack is just enough to carry all of your essentials around the city or even up the mountains. Don’t quite need it on your way out of your home city? It folds up into a smaller pouch for easy carrying or packing, ready for use during the more important part of your trip.

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Conair Turbo Extreme Steam Hand Held Fabric Steamer

We've all been there — wanting to wear a certain outfit to a certain event and then realizing we can't because it's wrinkled beyond recognition. This comes with travel, but the Conair hand steamer can solve all your problems. Plus, it conveniently comes with a fabric shaver for all the pesky lint balls.Check it Out

Skullcandy Knockout Women’s Headphones

Ever wished you could mash the earphones you get with your phone with a better quality headset so that you can stylishly listen to music and still answer your phone? Skullcandy’s Knockout headphones will be able to do the trick with an easily accessible remote and mic.

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Relefree Premium Microfiber Towel

Compact and practical in almost any situation, the Relefree microfiber towel has proven its worth in your luggage. Made of microfiber, this means that it is super absorbent and quick drying, perfect for taking to the beach or the lake to free up some of the space a regular beach towel may take up in your bag.

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MDRN Life Neck Pillow

Fruits are refreshing and you will be too after sleeping on one of MDRN Life’s fruit neck pillows! Just as comfortable as they are fun to look at, you never have to worry about forgetting it in your hotel room or on the plane. Who could miss such a brightly coloured pillow?

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