gorgeous aero view of norway surrounding with blue water

Travelling overseas can be intimidating, but this is the case even more so after recent events. Many people will choose to visit tourist hotspots like Paris or London, but their safety as of recent is a cause for concern. Read on for a list of the world's safest countries, ranked.

10. Qatar

One of the top ranked nations in the Middle East, Qatar is a stunning country that is only getting better. The capital of Doha is a growing metropolis that brings a Middle Eastern traditional flare to a modern cityscape. Known around the world for its large Souq (traditional market) and the Museum of Islamic Art, there is plenty in the capital city to spike the interest of the casual traveller. Beyond the city life of Doha, visitors can go camel back riding over sprawling desert sands or learn the fundamentals of falconry. Qatar is a country that is moving towards the future without forgetting about their past, making this safe Middle Eastern country truly unique.

9. Rwanda

Much like Qatar, Rwanda is a growing nation. While the name may spark thoughts of a rocky past, Rwanda is known today as one of Africa’s most stable nations. Get lost in sprawling African bamboo forests, hike under the shadow of volcanoes in the famous Land of a Thousand Hills, or learn more about Rwanda's colorful history. Whatever you choose to do, this bustling African nation has plenty to offer the casual adventurer. If you decide to visit this gorgeous African country, we recommend booking a flight during the dry seasons from mid-May to September. During this period, the wilderness of Rwanda is at it’s lushest and certainly cannot be missed.

8. Switzerland

Home to ice capped alpine summits, vast deep blue freshwater lakes, and charming traditional towns, it’s easy to see why anyone living in Switzerland would be too content to commit any crime. Switzerland has a long running history for being neutral during periods of conflict and continues to hold its position as an easygoing nation today. Whether you’re looking to ski down the alpine slopes of the world-famous Matterhorn, or you just want to enjoy a quiet evening at a quaint Swiss village along the shores Lake Geneva, there's a wealth of opportunities here. Although the winter months are typically more popular with travellers, Switizerland is a great destination all year round. 

7. Norway

Considered one of the most beautiful places in the world, Norway is also high up on the list of the world’s safest countries. A country with plenty to offer even the hard-to-impress traveller, Norway is home to the spectacularly beautiful Northern Lights, as well as natural landscapes in the form of grassy fjords and massive icy glaciers. In the capital city of Oslo, travellers can enjoy the benefits of a bustling modern city with reliable public transit, cultural museums, and more than enough traditional Scandinavian fish restaurants to get your fix. If you travel to Norway without visiting one of its many spectacular fjords, you would be doing yourself a disservice. The small village of Geiranger offers some of the most popular fjords at the Norwegian Fjord Center, Geirangerfjord being the largest in the area. Safe and naturally gorgeous, what more could you want?

6. Singapore

Located on the southern coast of Malaysia, Singapore is a tropical modern city-state that plays host to visitors on the regular. People from around the world travel to Singapore to experience its vibrant culture, truly unique architecture, and of course its food. Singapore is indeed highly rated on the list of safest countries in the world, but it is also one of the most breathtaking. The Singapore skyline is unlike any in the world. SuperTree Grove, for example, is a famous structure built to look like a light up mushroom. At night, the Grove lights up and dazzles visitors with a spectacular show. The food in Singapore is also not to be bypassed. Whether you decide to pop into one of the many worthwhile spots on the street, or dine at the famous rooftop bar KuDeTa, you will certainly be impressed. If you want to check out traditional art, How Par Villa may be exactly what you’re looking for. Filled with vibrant ‘Instagram-worthy’ sculptures, it's definitely a spot worth checking out.

5.Hong Kong

Like Singapore, Hong Kong is a city-state that has been ranked highly on the list of the world’s safest countries. Hong Kong is a vibrant modern city in southeast China. Nestled right along the ocean, this coastal city offers everything from late night clubbing to legendary Buddhist temples. While once notorious for its polluted grey streets, Hong Kong is making vast improvements, and on clear days the city pops with color. The city-state has plenty to offer and will entertain all types of traveller. If you are more of the rest and relaxation type, you can chill on the shores of Repulse Bay Beach, where the sand is warm and the waters are clear blue. Looking for adventure? Climb the 268 steps to the legendary oversized Tian Tan Buddha. Hong Kong has more than enough to satisfy your appetite.

4. Oman

Another one of the Middle East’s safest countries, Oman is a desert nation along the southern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Travel to Oman is a relatively new thing as the borders only opened up to visitors in 1970. However, since then, it has become a modern desert escape. In the port capital of Muscat, visitors are welcomed by a city enriched with culture. Filled with all sorts of old architecture like The Grand Mosque and the Sultan’s Palace, Muscat is a wonder to behold. Beyond the city, visitors can travel across sprawling sand dunes, or climb the impressive Jebel Shams or Mountain of the Sun.

3. Iceland

From volcanoes and geysers to hot springs and lava fields, Iceland is a nature lovers dream. While its safety is probably a result of its small population, which currently stands at around 330,000, Iceland is a perfect destination for anyone truly needing an escape into nature. If you love the aesthetic of Norway, chances are you will love Iceland. Considered, the ‘jewel of the Atlantic,’ it's probably the best place (besides the Arctic) to catch the Northern Lights. Truly looking for a escape? Journey out to the Westfjords where the casual tourist disappears entirely. Follow dirt roads out to stony mountain cliffs that jut straight out of the water. 

2. United Arab Emirates

If you’ve ever wondered what it's like to live like modern day royalty, traveling to the United Arab Emirates, or UAE, might be the closest you can get to it. Nestled along the Persian Gulf, this country is the epitome of the luxury. At the marvelous city of Dubai, visitors can experience a modern city skyline unlike any other in the world. Home to indoor ski-slopes, city-sized malls, and palm-shaped islands, Dubai is certainly a unique city. Other cities in the UAE, are just as luxurious. The island capital of Abu Dhabi is home to modern palaces, a modern take on old-fashioned bazaars and a Ferrari Theme Park. But don’t come to the UAE expecting to stay on a budget, this is a country for only the very wealthiest.

1. Finland

There seems to be a reoccurring trend among Scandinavian countries for being both safe and gorgeous and Finland is no exception to this rule. Bordering Sweden and Norway, it is a country of a thousand lakes and forests. Visitors who travel towards the northern part of Finland will also get a front row seat to the Northern Lights. Full of snow and mountains, ski enthusiasts travel from across the world to visit ski Finland’s icy slopes. In the capital of Helsinki, travellers can expect a vibrant nightlife that stands in direct contrast to all the vast natural wonders Finland has to offer.