Pool party Vegas

Oh, spring break. What was once way less cool than summer vacation suddenly got hot when we hit legal drinking age, making for some of the most wild and memorable moments of our lives. The booze-fueled rendezvous brings together thousands of young twenty-somethings from across the country to compete in push-up competitions, twerk-offs, and binge-drinking debacles. The question has never been whether or not we'd have fun, but whether or not we'd remember it. So if you want a spring break vacation that marries booze with babes, and warm weather with wet t-shirt contests, we've got you covered.

Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau is the perfect destination for part party, part relaxation. The tropical paradise is just an hour away from Miami (holler at the jocks of Miami Dade) and invites young partiers from across the country to its white sand beaches and bright turquoise waters. Stay at Atlantis Paradise Island for an all-inclusive experience with day parties, dining, pools, and beaches, and venture out to private islands like Sandy Toes for DJ's, dancing, an open bar, and more. If that hangover hurts just a little too much, you can always take to the resort's Mandara Spa for an a-la-carte massage or skin treatment.

Las Vegas, Nevada

If you fall in the 21+ crowd, this one's for you. Skip the drunken mess that often comes with nineteen year olds and keep things (mostly) classy at the day clubs of Las Vegas. During the week of April 15-21, booking.com reports rates 14% cheaper, which falls perfectly in line with the spring break dates of California State University Bakersfield, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise Los Angeles, and Pasadena City College. The best part? Pool party season is kicking off just in time, so you can put that money you saved towards poolside cabanas and ridiculously-sized bottles of bubbly.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

God knows not all of us are morning people, and not all of us can party around the clock. For those who prefer to spend their morning sleeping in and recovering (and abusing the night with drinks and DJ's) Punta Cana is your stop. Resorts like the Be Live Grand Punta Cana are huge totally private, so you can find a quiet spot to chill until your hangover subsides. Once it does, grab a pass to nightclubs like Oro and Jewel with free cover, open bars, and even transportation from one to the next. And hell, if you manage to make a day of it there's always the daytime party cruise

Miami, Florida

If you actually live in Miami, you might not want to stay there. We get it. But for those Florida State University students (or others in the vicinity), it's the perfect mini road trip for perfect beaches, epic nightlife, and surfside hotels. Time it right and your stay can coincide with Ultra Music Festival, a totally-hot electronic fest that runs March 24-26. Jacksonville University students and those at the University of North Florida, we're looking at you. Take advantage and end the week with a bang before driving the approximate 4 hours back home.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Yes, Cancun is usually the go to, but that's all the more reason to switch things up and head to Cabo this year. More desertous than its counterpart, Cabo is gaining in popularity thanks to its huge assortment of activities like water sports, ATVing, boat cruises, raging nightlife, and well, just plain partying your face off. During the day, hit up The Nowhere Beach Club for an epic range of DJ's, or Mango Deck for those classic push-up and twerk-off competitions. Come nightfall, head into town to crowd into El Squid Roe or the open-air space of La Vaquita. Trust us, if you remember your night, you'll be glad you did.

Cancun, Mexico

A longtime favorite destination of spring breakers, Cancun is where you go big or go home. After all, this is where the world's largest spring break event, Inception Music Festival, takes place. Book your week at the Oasis Cancun for daily beach parties, pool parties, and more any time in March, or opt for a slightly less raucous time (and 22% cheaper rates) during the week of April 1-7. You really can't go wrong here, and even if you miss Inception, clubs like The City and Mandala Beach Club have you covered.

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