Phones and tablets keep us constantly connected. We send out countless tweets and texts, we scroll through Instagram for hours, we browse Pinterest for inspo and, let's admit it, we all indulge in a little Facebook stalking. It's so easy to pick up that phone that sometimes we need a reminder to look up at the world around us. So, drop off the map and into paradise at these resorts sans digital demands. They're all utterly stunning, and what's more, completely free from Wi-Fi. True relaxation starts now.  

Adrère Amellal

Egypt If you're looking for an extreme off grid experience, Adrère Amellal is the perfect tech-free oasis. Journey to the Egyptian desert to stay at this resort that forgoes electricity for the light of beeswax candles. This salt rock, handmade eco resort rises out of the desert looking almost like a mirage. But, Adrère Amellal's 40 desert rooms are very real. Don't expect to find a phone in your room, and if you bring your own you'll have to restrict your tech fix to private areas of the resort.


Bamurru Plains

Australia It's easy to imagine a time without Wi-Fi on Australia's wild plains, but just because you can't Google something at Bamurra Plains doesn't mean you have to forget about luxury. The resort situated in Australia's Northern Territory, bills itself as "Wild Bush Luxury"; rest your head on the cotton linen pillows in one of the ten safari bungalows overlooking the flood plains. Just three of the bungalows are equipped with air conditioning, and solar panels power nearly the whole camp. Sit back and relax guilt-free.


Explora Patagonia

Chile Explora Patagonia  sits on the southern tip of Chile in the Torres del Paine National Park (a region full of mountains, glaciers and icebergs). Explora aims to bring travelers to the remotest of areas, while honoring the pleasures of true luxury. None of the rooms at the Patagonia hotel have a TV or Wi-Fi. Everything you need to see is outdoors. Ride through the national park on horseback or sail across the waters of Lake Pehoé on the Explora's very own catamaran.


Haramara Retreat

Mexico The complete lack of phones and Wi-Fi throughout the entire Haramara Retreat creates a surreal feeling of total peace and seclusion. Recline in a private cabaña with a vista made of equal parts jungle and ocean. Yogis can join together for sunrise and sunset practice, foodies can sample the menu of fresh and natural dishes and those in search of exquisite relaxation can stretch out for a deep tissue massage at this Mexican retreat.


Nayara Springs

Costa Rica Nayara Springs hasn't completely forsaken technology, but the Costa Rican resort is more than happy to lend a hand to explorers looking to unplug: simply sign up for the digital detox program. When you arrive, your phone, iPad and any other device will be tucked away in the hotel's safe for your entire stay. With all the time you have free from digital distractions, you can take indulge in all the Spring Villa has to offer. Take a dip in the plunge pool fed by mineral hot springs or take a refreshing shower in the private garden.


Somalisa Camp

Zimbabwe Seeing herds of elephants roaming and lion prides reclining in the sun inspires nearly indescribable wonder. Somalisa Camp , a luxury destination in the heart of Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park, elevates the adventure with its stunningly top-notch facilities. The camp's sail tents come with wood-burning fireplace, indoor and outdoor showers and a copper bathtub overlooking the African bush. The remote, awe-inspiring location, of course, offers experience, not Wi-Fi.

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