Buying Christmas gifts is usually one of two things: either an exhilarating opportunity to buy gifts for the ones you love, or the most dreadful and draining time of the year. Receiving gifts is never an issue, but being brilliant enough to purchase the perfect gift definitely is. Luckily, if you're friends with a couple who loves to travel, then you needn't fret — we've compiled the perfect wish list for the intrepid pair. Plus, you only have to buy one gift.

1,000 Places to See Before You Die Picture-A-Day Wall Calendar 2018

With 1,000 places to see and only 365 days in a year, you can be inspired by multiple potential travel spots from the 1,000 Places to See Before You Die Picture-A-Day Wall Calendar. Each month, explore an entirely new location in some far corner of the world, complete with detailed trip itineraries, maps, and text.

Personalized Push Pin Travel Map

Nothing says that you and your significant other are a power travel couple better than a fully framed Personalized Push Pin Travel Map. If hung beautifully on the wall and decorated with a sea of coloured push pin heads, it is sure to make your SO proud of your experiences together and turn your guests’ conversations to your past and recent travels.

Adventure Together Custom Print

For the couples who have everything, and buys everything as souvenirs on their travels, Christmas gifts may be extremely difficult to get. However, the 3 Custom Map Mountain Print is able to take maps from three places you have visited together and compile them into a simple, yet tasteful print to be placed in your study and inspire your next adventure together.

Ultimate Journeys for Two Book

Perhaps your girlfriend is more of a planner than you are, and awesomely so since your travels tend to flow smoothly as a result. To show your appreciation for all the stress she’s taken off your plate, why not do the same for her and give her a helping hand (without actually helping) with the Ultimate Journeys for Two: Extraordinary Destinations on Every Continent?

Sushiquik Super Easy Sushi Making Kit

Do you remember the divine sushi you had with your boyfriend back in Japan, and how nothing at your local sushi joint has ever tasted quite as good since? The Sushiquik Super Easy Sushi Making Kit will allow you and your SO the chance at becoming a true Japanese sushi chef (over countless trials and errors), plus you’ll get some great tasting homemade sushi while still in your pyjamas. 

Set of 2 BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Neck Pillows

Couple travel pillows may be tacky, but even the most unwilling boyfriend with give in once he gets one of these around his neck and under his chin. The BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow is not your typical neck pillow as it takes into account that when sleeping upright, our heads sometimes roll forward. How considerate (kinda like you). 

Radianzze Sleep Mask Multipack

The Radianzze Sleep Mask is the gift that keeps on giving with 3 sleep masks in a single pack. There’s enough for one for your girlfriend, one for you, and one for when your girlfriend accidentally loses hers, so you can be the hero of the day. Trust us, nothing is worse than traveling with a girlfriend who is not well rested.

"Travel Fund" Piggy Bank

Super cute and simple in design, the “Travel Fund” Piggy Bank will be a sure hit. If you can't quite afford to surprise your SO with tickets to some exotic destination, there is no better way to warm them all over from the idea of seeing you put in effort to save for your next big trip. 

"Our Adventure Book " Scrapbook

Imagine the amount of brownie points you would get for putting together the perfect scrapbook (with the cutest cover) of your adventures together. Not only will the Our Adventure Book Album be the boast of the next few Christmases of unbeatable gifts, but it is also a great way to show off your vacations to the rest of your friends and family.

The Journey Awaits Laser Engraved Leather Luggage Tags

Any new relationship (or new trip) could be off to a great start with The Journey Awaits Luggage Tags. These tags work to let your newfound partner know that you’re not going anywhere, because the next vacation he or she takes is going to be with you. Let your journey together and around the world begin.

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