Well folks, the future has finally arrived and it came without a headphone jack. When Apple revealed the new iPhone 7 sans headphone jack, minor hysteria ensued. With smartphone and headphones a critical combo to getting through any long-haul flight nowadays, we were frantically searching for chord-free options. So keep those tunes and podcasts playing as we've compiled a shortlist of the best wireless headphones on the market for travelers.

SolRepublic Shadow Wireless Earphones

If you're all about aesthetics, these are the headphones for you. Sleek and minimalist, people will barely even know you’re wearing them. They boast an eight-hour rechargeable battery and you can sync them with two bluetooth devices at once, allowing you to watch a movie while still staying connected to your phone. And they’re water resistant, so if your freshly-poured drink meets turbulence, no need to have a meltdown.  

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Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless

It'd be some kind of techno sin to talk headphones without mentioning Beats. These headphones are designed to stay firmly fixed on your noggin, whether you wear them throughout a workout at the gym or to block out surrounding noise while you sleep on a flight across the Atlantic. They’re also ideal for long-haul journeys with a 12-hour battery life, making even an mammoth bus ride through Colombia somewhat bearable. 

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Jaybird X2 Wireless Buds

Perhaps the most customizable wireless earbuds on the market, these Jaybird earbuds come with six sets of differently sized eartips, to ensure the perfect fit and maximum comfort. They also come equipped with SignalPlus, so you can tuck your phone safely into your backpack and still have crisp, clear sound coming through your headphones. And they're backed by a lifetime sweat warranty – pretty useful for when sweating buckets on that tropical Thailand escape. #firstworldproblems 

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Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

When it comes to sound performance, Bose means business. Not only are these earbuds designed with a unique shape that really does stay put, the sound quality is exactly what you’d expect from something with the Bose name on it – full, clear and unmatched. These headphones also have a free 'Connect' app that you can use to manage your connected devices, making it easy to switch from your iPad to your phone and back again. No need to worry about the whole plane hearing your 'guilty pleasures' playlist.

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Hussar Magicbuds IPX4

These earbuds tick every box in our criteria for quality wireless headphones: great sound quality, secure fit, noise canceling... you name it. Ever been on a flight with a screaming baby? Yeah, noise canceling is your best friend. But the best part about these might just be the 33-foot range, giving you great sound even when your connected device is (kinda) far away. Oh, and the zippered case it comes in is pretty sweet too.

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Sony Extra Bass Wireless Audio

We didn’t forget about you over-the-ear headphone users either, even though they're not the most subtle option. So, if you don’t like earbuds or you just don’t want to risk getting halfway to Australia and have your ears aching from them, these are for you. And with a 20-hour battery life, you actually can make it all the way to Australia without your music cutting out. As the name suggests, the bass on these things is unbelievable. 

Buy here: Sony MDRXB950BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones (Black)