giraffe manor

Whether you set New Year's resolutions or not, you undoubtedly have a few things in the back of your mind that you want to achieve, see, or do. Perhaps you want to learn a new language, run a marathon — or maybe you want to see more of the world.

To help you to create your own magical bucket list, we've put our heads together at VIVA to come up with our own inspirational ideas for things to do across the world. And if you're struggling to come up with your own, we usually find that 'the weirder and wackier, the better' is a good rule of thumb.

1. Climb the Great Wall of China
2. Eat with the locals in Chang Mai, Thailand
3. Cage dive with great white sharks
4. Drink your own face with the selfie cappuccino
5. Take a trip to Giraffe Manor
6. Plan a vacation for someone you love
7. Kayak through glaciers in British Columbia, Canada
8. See a theatre show in London's West End
9. Walk the Charles Bridge at dawn
10. Island-hop the Caribbean
11. Explore the temples of Angkor, Cambodia
12. Drink a beer the size of your head in Germany
13. Go dog sledding in Whitehorse, Yukon
14. Witness wildebeest migration in the Serengeti
15. Set foot on Antarctica
16. See a blue whale
17. Try a new food — like Pogácsa (Hungarian cheese biscuit) in Budapest
18. See a spirit bear in British Columbia, Canada
19. Swim in Iceland's Blue Lagoon
20. Plan a trip to see the Northern Lights
21. Ditch your usual massage for a visit to the 'Secret Spa'
22. Find a new National Park you've never visited
23. Visit Easter Island
24. Throw yourself down Europe’s highest slide
25. Bike across San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge
26. Explore the Amazon Rainforest
27. Ride the Trans-Siberian from Russia to China
28. Sleep at Everest Base Camp, Nepal
29. Go on safari in the Okavango Delta
30. Celebrate New Year's Eve somewhere new
31. Gather your best friends for some drinks at one of NYC's rooftop bars
32. Relax at a Japanese Ryokan
33. Discover one of America's secret islands
34. Plan a U.S. road trip 
35. See one of the driest places on earth — Chile's Atacama Desert
36. Dive the Great Barrier Reef
37. Ride through the Rockies on the Rocky Mountaineer
38. Dance to live music at an Irish pub
39. See New England in the fall
40. See the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, Italy
41. See Singapore’s sky gardens
42. Take in the ruins at Tulum
43. Volunteer at an animal sanctuary
44. Drive the Great Ocean Road
45. Visit Victoria Falls — the largest waterfall in the world
46. Eat steak at one of the states' best
47. See narwhals in the wild
48. Trek to Machu Picchu
49. Enjoy a warm pint at one of London's oldest pubs
50. Stay in a unique Airbnb — like this one in Norway
51. Go on a date in a speakeasy 
52. See at least one of the World's Seven Wonders
53. Try skiing or snowboarding in Whistler, Canada
54. See an eclipse in the USA
55. Visit the most famous wildlife watching spot in the world — the Galápagos Islands
56. Climb Japan's Mount Fuji
57. Sleep on a private isle in Scotland
58. Ride a hot air balloon across the Grand Canyon
59. Sleep under the stars in NamibRand, Namibia
60. Enjoy one of Austin's over-the-top milkshakes
61. Tour Havana in a classic car, Cuba
62. Climb Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
63. Sail to St Helena, South Atlantic
64. Visit Lapland during winter
65. Swim with green turtles in the Caribbean
66. Stay in a suspended spherical treehouse on Vancouver Island