Happy friends on a road trip on a summers day

If there's one phrase you'll get tired of hearing in the first week of January it's 'where did 2017 go?' But with the new year already underway, it's time to stop complaining, and instead, start making the most of 2018. One way you can treasure your precious memories (without wasting all your time on social media) is through a neat little app called 1SE

The concept is pretty simple: every day you record a second-long video on your phone. With zero effort from you, the app then stitches each clip together to create a summary of your brilliant year. That way, by the time New Year's Eve 2018 rolls around, you won't need to ask yourself what happened this year — rather, simply watch a six-minute video. 

The app is also great for making mini vacation videos, or videos of a special event like a wedding too. To find out more, or to download the app, go to the 1SE website.