From college students to celebrities, Airbnb is undoubtedly one of the most popular accommodation options around. With lodgings ranging from a seashell house to exotic private islands, are we even surprised? No, no we're not. As one of the more engaging ways to experience a new city when traveling, Airbnb is consistently stepping up their game.

Expanding on their already awesome platform, Airbnb’s latest endeavor is called City Hosts. It’s still in it’s testing stages, but if it succeeds, it will replace traditional boring bus tours with real locals showing you real places. The program will hook up travelers with local professionals to give you specialized, guided, multi-day tours. For example, if you’re traveling to Paris, you can be hooked up with a coffee connoisseur to experience the city’s best and less mainstream cafes. Or maybe you'll want to meet up with a record producer in London to visit the best music joints; the choice is yours.

Currently, there are 11 cities in the City Hosts program, including Paris, San Francisco, and Havana (Airbnb doesn’t help with getting the flight approved, though). The City Hosts Landing Page is now available for you to get your city on the waitlist, so get on it and go help the cause.