airbnb neighbourhoods featured

We all have a bucket list of destinations to visit, be it in 2017 or later in life. The tricky part is deciding which part of that place you should stay in, and thanks to Airbnb, we no longer need to give it much thought.

The list of the top 17 trending neighborhoods is officially out, as part of the company's annual "Neighborhoods to Watch" list. It's determined by looking at the 140 million guests that checked in to the various 3 million homes, and seeing which neighborhoods saw the biggest influx of travelers over the past year. The most popular towns were those that were generally laid back, but still close to the action. Also, trending neighborhoods tended to be rich in green spaces and have a wide variety of food choices.

At the top of the list sits Milneburg, New Orleans, which saw a 1,500% increase since 2015. The small community at the southern edge of Lake Pontchartrain is right by the University of New Orleans, has a relatively low population density consisting mostly of families, and is only a 15 minute drive to the historic and lively French Quarter.

Check out the full list of notable neighborhoods below, and then start planning your next trip.

1.) Milneburg in New Orleans, Louisiana
2.) Kampung Baru in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
3.) Fitzroy in Melbourne, Australia
4.) Konohana-ku in Osaka, Japan
5.) Chutes-Lavie in Marseille, France
6.) Rockcliffe Smythe in Toronto, Canada
7.) Midtown in Miami, Florida
8.) Narvarte in Mexico City, Mexico
9.) West Seattle in Seattle, Washington
10.) Usera in Madrid, Spain
11.) Din Daeng/Huai Khwang in Bangkok, Thailand
12.) Chippendale in Sydney, Australia
13.) Daehangno in Seoul, South Korea
14.) Lyndale in Minneapolis, Minnesota
15.) Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ireland
16.) Chacarita in Buenos Aires, Argentina
17.) Žižkov in Prague, Czech Republic