cat looking out airplane window

Flying with your furry friend? A new pet policy introduced by United Airlines might mean making other plans.

Those keeping up to date with travel news will have likely heard about an incident back in March where a french bulldog died on board a flight. In light of the incident, United has announced that it will be working with American Humane to improve the well-being of pets by introducing new policies, training, and increased animal safety regulations.

They are launching a PetSafe program, which is specifically designed for dogs and cats that are not eligible for travel in the cabin. But there are also several restrictions on specific breeds which have higher health risks.

Among those not able to fly: short- or snub-nosed dogs and cats, and strong-jawed dog breeds. So if you're the owner of a bulldog, Chow Chow, or Persian cat, for example, you'll likely be leaving your furry friend behind (or looking into other options). For more information, check out the United Airlines website.

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