vietjet airlnes hot flight attendants

Whenever we book an airline, it almost always comes down to priorities. For many of us, that priority is price, but when multiple airlines are so similar in cost, it almost always comes down to something else. Maybe it's the food, the leg room, or the service provided by the airline crew. Whatever it is, it's personal preference, and so it only makes sense that different airlines get recognized for different reasons.

The concept is simple enough — since no one airline can possible win across all the categories, we separate those categories and have multiple winners. As you can see from the list below, Qantas Airways won in two categories, and Air New Zealand and Singapore Airlines each won two. As for the rest? Let's just say we weren't at all surprised that VietJet Air is the best ultra-low-cost airline. I mean, have you seen those uniforms?

The results come by way of, a website which promotes excellence in the airline industry and distributes awards accordingly. As always, we can trust the experts.

1. Air New Zealand - Airline of the Year
2. Singapore Airlines - Airline with the Best First Class
3. Virgin Australia - Best Business Class
4. Air New Zealand - Best Premium Economy
5. Korean Air - Best Economy Airline
6. Singapore Airlines - Best Cabin Crew
7. Qantas Airways - Best Catering Services
8. Qantas Airways - Best Lounges
9. Emirates - Best In-Flight Entertainment
10. Qantas Airways - Best Domestic Class
11. Aegean Airlines - Regional Airline of the Year
12. Tianjin Airlines - Most Improved Airline
13. VietJet Air - Best Ultra-Low-Cost Airline
14. Etihad, Korean Air, Virgin Atlantic, Air Canada - Best Long-Haul Airlines
15. Westjet, Scoot, Norwegian - Best Low-Cost Airlines