A woman walking at Galerie Vivienne, Paris, France

Few cities can rival the likes of New York when it comes to most popular destination - constantly topping lists of the 'most visited' and 'most exciting' cities in the world, but with so much choice, it can be hard to cram everything into a mere 48 hours. There are plenty of other cities, on the other hand, that are far better qualified for a weekend visit.  

Weekengo searches through hundreds of thousands of flight and hotel deals, and filter them to find the ones that meet your specific criteria. Their latest study has revealed the best cities in the world to travel for one weekend - with Berlin coming top for millennials, Vienna for families, and Zurich for baby boomers - but which city topped the overall list? Read on for the full list, or find more detailed data on their website

1. London
2. Berlin
3. Vienna
4. Hamburg
5. Paris
6. Amsterdam
7. New York City
8. Munich
9. Barcelona
10. Madrid
11. San Francisco
12. Tokyo
13. Los Angeles
14. Toronto
15. Stockholm
16. Copenhagen
17. Cologne
18. Sydney
19. Vancouver
20. Prague
21. Dublin
22. Zurich
23. Edinburgh
24. Rome
25. Oslo
26. Helsinki
27. Singapore
28. Lisbon
29. Auckland
30. Dusseldorf