Hamburg buildings at night light

While the ideal night for some millennials is a Netflix binge followed by takeout pizza, the remainder are still very much into the party scene. If you're someone that never misses a Saturday night on the town, it's likely you will also choose your vacation destinations based on the nightlife scene. Lucky for you, online booking service HostelWorld have ranked the top 10 cities across the world based on their nightlife, taking into account factors like the quality of the nightlife, the openness and friendliness of locals, how safe people feel, how easy it is to get around, and how much it costs. 

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Although popular cities like New York and Berlin made the list, they're perhaps not as highly ranked as you would have first anticipated. Read on for a summary of the top 10, or go to the HostelWorld website for a further breakdown.

1. Hamburg (Germany) 
2. Copenhagen (Denmark) 
3. Berlin (Germany)
4. Dublin (Ireland)
5. Amsterdam (Holland) 
6. San Francisco (United States) 

7. Gothenburg (Sweden) 
8. Prague (Czech Republic) 
9. Warsaw (Poland)
10. New York (United States)