view of the moon during a solar eclipse with dark background clouds

We're well aware this sounds like a made-up headline, but despite popular belief, we are one step closer to sending humans into outer space - not just fully-fledged astronauts - but regular people. Las Vegas-based space pod company, Bigelow Aerospace, just announced that they want to send an inflatable space hotel to orbit the moon, with accommodations for travelers looking for the experience of a lifetime. 

Back in 2016, the company partnered with NASA to attach an inflatable, soft-shell demo pod onto the International Space Station - and now they're going one step further with an even bigger inflatable pod, which it's calling the B330 "lunar depot". Not only will this be a place for private companies to test out new technologies, and astronauts to undergo training for deep space missions - but it could also be orbiting the moon in five years. Yep, you and five of your best pals could be sipping on cocktails looking out into the black starry darkness. Okay, cocktails might a step too far, but one can dream.

You can find out more about Bigelow Aerospace's technology on their website.