Woman is shopping online with laptop computer and credit card

If you've ever been told that Tuesday is the cheapest day of the week to book your flights, we've got news for you — they're wrong. According to flight-watching app, Hopper, the "Tuesday effect" only happens at midnight — at which point it only applies to 1.6 percent of domestic U.S. flights.

In fact, waiting until Tuesday to buy your tickets, could mean you are missing out on some great deals. The good news? Hopper have revealed that Thursday is the new Tuesday, stating at on average, domestic flights dropped between $12 and $15, while international flights decreased by around $20 on a Thursday.

But if you're specifically looking for international flights, Monday could actually be your best bet, with prices dropping by around $30 on average per ticket. So next time you're scanning the web for some last minute flight deals, be sure to keep this in mind.

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