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Nothing quite beats that feeling of putting down the pencil after your last final exam. Whether it's a two-year certificate at a state college or four-year degree at an ivy-league school is almost irrelevant — the amount of time, energy, money, and stress that goes into getting a good education is priceless, and it's the kind of thing you can only hope will pay off.

To increase your chances, certain cities have been statistically shown to be more promising to new college grads. According to data released by employment website Monster, New York City tops the charts with the most entry-level jobs requiring a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree with 31,682 job postings (though we're hardly surprised). In second follows nearby Chicago with less than half of that (15,503 jobs), and Los Angeles takes third place with 11,933 jobs, bringing a west-coast option into the equation. 

The results are based on job ads posted online between January 1 and March 22, 2017, and only included cities with populations of at least 200,000. For those on the hunt in Houston or Philly, you may want to reconsider, but don't let us spoil all the results. Check out the complete ranking below.

10. Philadelphia (8,304 job postings)
9. Houston (10,021 job postings)
8. Seattle (10,512 job postings)
7. Atlanta (10,937 job postings)
6. Washington, D.C. (11,132 job postings)
5. San Francisco (11,244 job postings)
4. Boston (11,498 job postings)
3. Los Angeles (11,933 job postings)
2. Chicago (15,503 job postings)
1. New York (31,682 job postings)

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