biker boy

While driving is great for its ease of transportation from A to B, it only takes one traffic jam and suddenly the rage is real. In seconds, you've got from zero to a hundred, and you can do nothing but simply wait, while your mouth salivates for your morning coffee, and your boss taps his pen in frustration waiting for your late arrival...yet again. How do you avoid this inevitable routine each morning? By biking, of course.

Biking not only means you can take advantage of a nice sunny day, but it also pushes you to get some much-needed exercise, as well as — according to research — reducing stress simultaneously. And once you're fit enough for your morning bike to work, perhaps biking between countries will sound somewhat more appealing.

In just over two years, the 750-mile Empire State Trail will connect Lake Erie to the Capital Region and the New York Harbor to Canada. It will also make it the longest single-state multi-use trail in the nation. "We want to open the new Empire State Trail: a beautiful tourist destination across the state—cycle, run, walk from Buffalo to Canada to NYC," said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The trail is expected to cost around $200 million and should be completed by 2020. The project is expected to increase local tourism as well as the local economic impact.

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