Now I love David Attenborough as much as the next person — but David Attenborough raves? Why, where and how?

It goes without saying that Attenborough is among TV's most beloved personalities, and word on the street says he is quite the celebrity among younger crowds who have now taken it upon themselves to put on a series of 'Jungle Boogies' across the UK. 

Strictly for “fans of nature and disco” you'll dance to a mix of disco, house, funk and soul all the while surrounded by rainforest-themed decor and projections of Blue Planet and Planet Earth. You'll also get your very own David Attenborough mask to party the night away in. 

This might all sound like a bit of a joke, but the raves have actually had a hugely positive reaction, with sold-out venues attracting between 600 and 800 people each night. Fancy checking out a Jungle Boogie for yourself? You can check out upcoming events on the official Facebook page.

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